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Black Rainbow - Radiate 7"

Erick and Ivy (Allergic To Bullshit, Miami, and too many other great bands to name) are back and teaming up with their buddies Morgan (formerly of ...


Black Wine - AOTU Singles Series VOL:51 7"

Great 90's influenced grungy punk from New Jersey featuring members of The Ergs! and Hunchback. Very classy! Pressing is limited to 350 copies


Black Wine - Dark Energy 7"

Follow up 7" to last year's debut LP, one song with lead vocals by each band member. Feat. Jeff Schroeck (Ergs) on guitar, and Miranda Tay...


Black Wine - S/T LP

Debut album from Jeff Schroek of The Ergs! and Miranda Taylor and J. Nixon of Hunchback. At times grungy, at times poppy, fans of Mudhoney, The Erg...


Blast And The Detergents ‎– Brain Time Now LP

A1 Paranoid Future A2 Questions A3 New Florida A4 Free Me A5 Confusion, Oh No A6 Stuck A7 The Empire Never Ended A8 Macho Suck A9 Refrigerator A10 ...


Blast And The Detergents / Ghost Hospital ‎– Blast And The Detergents / Ghost Hospital 7"

A1 –Blast And The Detergents Minimalism, D'uh A2 –Blast And The Detergents Time Misses A Beat B1 –Ghost Hospital Sitting Duck B2 –Ghost Hospita...


Blockhead - I'll Leave This Behind CD

hit play!!I'll Leave This Behind by Blockhead (NH)


Blocko/Minority Blues Band "Split" 7"

Rockin' Japanese pop punk coming at you from Snuffy Smiles!

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Bloodbath & Beyond - Punk Planets 7"



Blotto / Conniption Fitts / Sass Dragons / Prohibition - 4 Way Split 7"

Four original, unreleased tracks by each band, following the time-tested-and-true formula of Snuffy Smiles. Pretend that Japan wasn’t another conti...

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Blotto / Ringers - Split 7"

import split ep


Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits ‎– Trainwreck To Narnia LP

A1 After The Armadillo A2 Vanilla American A3 Blues Turn Brown A4 Cop Kisser A5 Biological Imperative A6 My Darling Boo B1 Baked Beans And Whiskey ...

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Boilerman - Bright Young Things 7"

It's aggressive, gruff, melodic pop punk with socially conscious lyrics and messages, sort of like The Broadways, Fifteen, or if Screeching Wea...


Boilerman - Bright Young Things CDEP

After a demo earlier this year, Boilerman made the jump to wax before their summer tour. Continues with their brand of pop-punk that's got a re...


Bomb The Music Industry / Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Split 7"

When BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! started doing tours, the plan was always to tour with our friends and put out split 7"s covering each others'...


Bomb, The - Speed Is Everything LP

Singer of Naked Raygun and a dude from The Methadones. this shit is amazing.


Born Bad - Tie One On 7"

Vinyl Addict presents the vinyl release of Born Bad's 2005 demo, "Tie One On." On this release, the Winnipeg ragers doled out eight t...


Boys Club, The - Every Good Boy Does FIne 7"

This looks deceptively more lo-fi/lo-budget/lo-talent than it actually is; the record actually feels more like a contemporary cross between some so...


Brainworms / Dynamite Arrows "Split" 7"

Richmond's Brainworms and Brooklyn's Dynamite Arrows team up together for this raging record. Brainworms bring forth 2 new songs recorded a...


Brainworms - II: Swear To Me CD

Compulsively schemed from beginning to end, Brainsworms’ second full-length release, Swear To Me, insists your full attention. Opening strong, the ...


Brainworms - Swear To Me LP

After numerous splits, compilations, and tapes Brainworms have created Brainworms II: Swear To Me. Comprised of 10 tracks recorded by Steve Roach(P...


Brainworms / The Catalyst - Split 7"

Brianworms is up first with two cuts. “Winnie Cooper” takes to the less caustic sound we heard on the band's previous release. The song is a lo...


Brainworms / Tubers - Split 7"

Brainworms seem to be the kings of split 7 inches as this is the band’s third in the span of a year now. This time the Richmond band teams up with...


Brainworms - Which Is Worse CD

Out of control artcore from Richmond, VA. Powerful, incredibly smart, and dedicated to DIY ethics, Brainworms are making some the most compelling m...


Brainworms - Which Is Worse? LP

Hairy, Richmond scene vets Brainworms play tuneful hardcore with the perfect balance of drive and technical stuff. I’m hearing the skronks and quir...


Brass, The - S/T 7"

New 7" E.P. from this chaotic, melodic, indie/punk rock from Brooklyn, NY. (Ex- On the might of princes, Latterman, Splurge, & more.)

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Breathe In - From This Day On CD

Berkeley, CA's own hybrid punk / hardcore sensation...Breathe In spew forth twelve urgent tracks on their debut album. Image in the emotion of ...


Brendon Kelly & Joe Mcmahon - In Wasted Potential CD

Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire have been cranking out punk hits for Fat Wreck Chords with their respective ban...