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Vacation Bible School - Unlucky CD

If Vacation Bible School was actually Punk Rock Camp and these three dudes ran a workshop called “Pop-Punk, Nihilism and You,” and spent as much ti...


Street Eaters - We See Monsters CD

Both Megan March and Johnny Geek, equal parts of Street Eaters, were born in Oakland, raised in the East Bay, and came of age in the Gilman/Geekfes...


Sundowner - Four One Five Two CD

Chris McCaughan (Singer/Guitarist of The Lawrence Arms on Fat Wreck Chords) has been playing solo shows at clubs and coffee shops for the past few ...


Swims, The - Itemlord CD

If Jim Henson dropped acid with Jeff Mangum of NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL and recorded an album, this would be it. Expanding on their previous LP RIDE OF T...


Team Stray - Gender Studies CD

On their sophomore release, Cincinnati's Team Stray grows up a little in spite of themselves. Already described by one of their closest longtim...

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Teenage Bottlerocket - Warning Device CD

pop pop pop punk.


Various Artists - To Live And Die In Tampa Bay CD

Featuring: Clairmel, The Tim Version, The Dukes Of Hillsborough, Super Power Abuse, Arcade Inferno, Flat Stanley, The Rogue Set, Vaginsore Jr, Ches...


Tim Version, The - Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band CD

TAMPA!!! PUNX!!!Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band by THE TIM VERSION


Tim Version, The - Decline Of The Southern Gentleman CD

Tampa, FL punk rock. legends at this point.

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Toys That Kill - Flys CDep

LIMITED EDITION. Toys That Kill hail from San Pedro, CA. They've managed to put together an updated take on the classic punk sound: buzz saw gu...

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Transgressions, The - Waste My Time CD

Madison, WI's Transgressions debut blasts through six songs in a little over six minutes with hoarse voiced, catchy pop punk. This record is fo...


Sea Of Thousand - The Church Of Total Collapse CD`

angry metaly hardcoreSea Of Thousand - The Church of Total Collapse by Sea of Thousand


Shitty Limits, The - Beware The Limits CD

"...well they have an explosive mix of 60’s garage, 70’s punk and 80’s hardcore a potent mixture for sure. Great songs, body moving beats, pit...


Sidekicks, The - Weight Of Air CD

This latest effort from The Sidekicks is a real product of their environment and the vibrant underground music scene around them in Northern Ohio. ...


Tight Bros - S/T LP

poppy indie rock punk jams with some garage influence.Tight Bros.-"s/t" LP by Rad Girlfriend Records


Rad Company / The Ex-Boyfriends - Hold My Glasses Split LP

PUNK!! click play!Rad Company/The Ex Boyfriends "Hold My Glasses" by Rad Girlfriend Records

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What-A-Nights - S/T LP

Japanese Pop Punk!!What-A-Night's by Rad Girlfriend Records


Pizza Hi-Five / Powercup - Split 10"

grindcore power violence. 25 songs total BLARGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!POWERCUP / PIZZA HI-FIVE split 10" by WBR


Hookerspitwindex / Pizza Hi-Five - I Thought We Were Friends Split 7"

The third-pressing! 17 tracks of killer Grind from Dayton/Lima Ohio. Sick art, marbled vinyl, worth every penny.Hookerspitwindex/Pizza Hi Five &...


Fat Stupids - S/T 7"

why say anything when you can just click the play button below?Fat Stupids "S/T" by Rad Girlfriend Records


Credentials / Steelhorse - Split 7"

final release from The Credentials, last 2 songs EVER! plus Tom was in that shitty band Witches With Dicks. Steelhorse i know nothing about.The ...

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Stay Clean Jolene - S/T 7"

Comprising members of 'The Great St Louis and 'The Leif Ericsson, Stay Clean Jolene have produced, in my opinion, one of the best debut 7&q...


Raging Nathans, The - S/T 7"

dudes from Rad Company and SOK! get this lil ripper.The Raging Nathans S/T 7" by Rad Girlfriend Records


Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil' Happiness - You're Gonna Miss Me 7"

Jesse Thorson (Slow Death, Falling Angels, Legendary San Diego Chargers) is back with his new gang Lil' Happiness featuring Paddy Costello from...


Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil' Happiness - I Ain't Gonna Beg 7"

two new jams from the ever evolving bands that Jesse is in. Jesse Thorson (Slow Death, Falling Angels, Legendary San Diego Chargers) is back with ...


Rad Company / Discretions - I Won't Be Home For New Years Split 7"

Brand new from Rad Girlfriend Records. Discretions debut and two new Rad Company songs. Limited to 500, 100 transparent pink. Comes with a download...


Low Culture - S/T 7"

In late 2011, when it was clear that Shang-A-Lang was ending because Andy was moving to Idaho and Total Jock (a short lived hardcore project) was o...


Astro Fang - Flesh Hand 7"

ASTROFANG is the best rock band to come out of Dayton, Ohio since Guided By Voices. These songs combine rock n roll, punk, and weird spastic indie ...


Setbacks - Wet Concrete 6" flexi postcard

awesome novelty jammer.Setbacks (self-titled) by Setbacks