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Tim Version, The - Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band CD

TAMPA!!! PUNX!!!Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band by THE TIM VERSION


Tim Version, The - Decline Of The Southern Gentleman CD

Tampa, FL punk rock. legends at this point.

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Toys That Kill - Flys CDep

LIMITED EDITION. Toys That Kill hail from San Pedro, CA. They've managed to put together an updated take on the classic punk sound: buzz saw gu...

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Transgressions, The - Waste My Time CD

Madison, WI's Transgressions debut blasts through six songs in a little over six minutes with hoarse voiced, catchy pop punk. This record is fo...


Sea Of Thousand - The Church Of Total Collapse CD`

angry metaly hardcoreSea Of Thousand - The Church of Total Collapse by Sea of Thousand


Shitty Limits, The - Beware The Limits CD

"...well they have an explosive mix of 60’s garage, 70’s punk and 80’s hardcore a potent mixture for sure. Great songs, body moving beats, pit...


Sidekicks, The - Weight Of Air CD

This latest effort from The Sidekicks is a real product of their environment and the vibrant underground music scene around them in Northern Ohio. ...


Tight Bros - S/T LP

poppy indie rock punk jams with some garage influence.Tight Bros.-"s/t" LP by Rad Girlfriend Records


Rad Company / The Ex-Boyfriends - Hold My Glasses Split LP

PUNK!! click play!Rad Company/The Ex Boyfriends "Hold My Glasses" by Rad Girlfriend Records

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What-A-Nights - S/T LP

Japanese Pop Punk!!What-A-Night's by Rad Girlfriend Records


Pizza Hi-Five / Powercup - Split 10"

grindcore power violence. 25 songs total BLARGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!POWERCUP / PIZZA HI-FIVE split 10" by WBR


Hookerspitwindex / Pizza Hi-Five - I Thought We Were Friends Split 7"

The third-pressing! 17 tracks of killer Grind from Dayton/Lima Ohio. Sick art, marbled vinyl, worth every penny.Hookerspitwindex/Pizza Hi Five &...


Fat Stupids - S/T 7"

why say anything when you can just click the play button below?Fat Stupids "S/T" by Rad Girlfriend Records


Credentials / Steelhorse - Split 7"

final release from The Credentials, last 2 songs EVER! plus Tom was in that shitty band Witches With Dicks. Steelhorse i know nothing about.The ...

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Stay Clean Jolene - S/T 7"

Comprising members of 'The Great St Louis and 'The Leif Ericsson, Stay Clean Jolene have produced, in my opinion, one of the best debut 7&q...


Raging Nathans, The - S/T 7"

dudes from Rad Company and SOK! get this lil ripper.The Raging Nathans S/T 7" by Rad Girlfriend Records


Rad Company / Discretions - I Won't Be Home For New Years Split 7"

Brand new from Rad Girlfriend Records. Discretions debut and two new Rad Company songs. Limited to 500, 100 transparent pink. Comes with a download...

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Low Culture - S/T 7"

In late 2011, when it was clear that Shang-A-Lang was ending because Andy was moving to Idaho and Total Jock (a short lived hardcore project) was o...


Astro Fang - Flesh Hand 7"

ASTROFANG is the best rock band to come out of Dayton, Ohio since Guided By Voices. These songs combine rock n roll, punk, and weird spastic indie ...


Setbacks - Wet Concrete 6" flexi postcard

awesome novelty jammer.Setbacks (self-titled) by Setbacks


Metroplex - Decade Diary 2xLP

The long overdue sophomore full-length effort from this Philly three-piece. 12 songs of post-hardcore and power rock that draws its influences from...

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Belvedere - S/T 2XLP

This record is 10 years in the making! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of 'Twas Hell Said Former Child and the upcoming reunion...

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Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats The Tape LP

Finally! The wait is over! Belvedere's fourth and arguably their best full-length available for the first time ever on vinyl! This is a three l...


Prizzy Prizzy Please - S/T CD

Prizzy Prizzy Please sound like what Fugazi would have sounded like if Ian McKaye were backed by members of Prince’s Revolution and Parliament on d...

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Pink Razors - Scene Suicide CD

A brand new album from unapologetic Richmond pop punk believers PINK RAZORS. Eight no-holds-barred tracks of driving and melodic punk rock with an ...


Power Struggle - Arson At Petting Factory CD

From the SF Weekly: A big, juicy mess of a song: a baritone sax talks dirty to bald, hollow guitars, which duke it out over the tinny din of cymbal...


Prix The Pilot - Famous In 47 States CD

The third album from Pirx the Pilot. This is a whole new sound for the band, with fantastic production and a greater focus on vocals. Songs still r...


Pink Black - S/T CD

The band's sound incorporates elements from some of the more vibrant trends indie pop has produced over the last 20 years. Kind of lo-fi and ki...

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On The Might Of Princes - Where You Are And Where You Want To Be CD

deluxe reissue. this shit is dope. one member is now in FELLOW PROJECT"Where You Are & Where You Want to Be" is the best 48 minutes...


Now Sleepyhead - Nocturne CD

Exotic Fever Records is proud to announce the release of Now Sleepyhead s debut full length CD, Nocturne. This release is the result of an exciting...