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O Pioneers!!! / Saw Wheel ‎– Split CD

O Pioneers!!! 1 The Kodan Armada Always Win 2 I Don't Believe You (You Know I Don't Speak Spanish) 3 If I'm Not Mistaken, Diversity Was...


Mid Carson July - Ten Years On Autopilot CD

Tracklist1 The Truth About Liars 2 Something About Small Talk 3 No Place I'd Rather Be 4 Dime Store Girl 5 Three Minutes In Logan 6 Sco...


Mexican Cheerleader - Kings and Kings' Hoots CD

Chicago's Punk-Classic Rock Kings are back with 12 awesome songs to rock your face off. Tracklist1 Sick List 2 Chickyn 3 Curry And Coffe...


Jonesin! - Is Dead 7" Songs CD

Songs 1 and 2 from: Shang-A-Lang / Jonesin' Split 7" (Dead Broke/Dirt Cult) Songs 3 and 4 from: Jonesin' / Dude Jams Split 7” (Dirt Cu...



3 shirts. $7 Dollars. Lets get a little less weird than we did with the 5 shirt package.(all shirts are randomized)


Sport "Bon Voyage" LP

Listen Here:


Sport "Colors" LP

Listen here:

$7.00 - $10.00

Tiny Empires "Weird Headspace" LP / CD

Tiny Empires’ Weird Headspace exists at the peak of sheer volume and progressive melodies. Recorded at Black Bear Studio in Gainesville, Florida, t...


Old Flings / The Fake Boys - Split 7"

Two of my favorite bands, one slab o wax.Old Flings / The Fake Boys split 7" by Old Flings / The Fake Boys


Flamingo 50 - Tear It Up LP

Do you like the band Caves? well Lou was/is in this band as well. you def need to nab this.

$8.00 - $12.00

Caves - Betterment LP/CD

Betterment by Caves


Resolutions - S/T 7"

Hannover Germany PunkPlaying Shows, Releasing Records, Driving PlacesFür Fans von Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, und Dillinger Four, sehr gute!Re...


Old Flings / Late Bloomer - Split 7"

some of the best new bands from the bible belt.Old Flings / Late Bloomer - Split 7" by Kiss Of Death Records

$0.00 - $10.00

Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels - An Uneasy Peace LP/CD

After some fond farewells and a quiet moment, Pretty Boy Thorson returns for their third full length album, "An Uneasy Peace," featuring ...

$0.00 - $4.00

Tiny Empires - S/T 7"

A couple of songs to tide people over until the anticipated full length release early next year. Comprised of members from O Pioneers! and New Bru...

$6.00 - $10.00

The New Lows - I Couldn't Sleep LP/CD

Old school Orlando dudes from 90's band Shyster killing it with this JAM!I Couldn't Sleep by The New Lows

$0.00 - $10.00

Pale Angels - Primal Play LP/CD

Primal Play is the first album from grungey transatlantic punks Pale Angels. With inspirations ranging from the Ramones to the sounds of 90s Seattl...


Rations - Martyrs And Prisoners 7"

6 brand new song from our NYC friends"Martyrs and Prisoners" 7" by Rations


Worthwhile Way / The Wild - Split 7"



Underparts - Steady Gaze LP

hit play!!!Steady Gaze by Underparts


NO///Se - S/T LP

like uhmmm one dude was like in uhmmmmmm Young Livers?ИO///sé by ИO///sé


Wedgepiece - Absolute Bliss CD

total Guided By Voices worship.


No Power - No Axis

No Power features ex members of Grids (Luchbox/Inkblot/Made in Kansas), Meth Mtn (Self Aware/Lunchbox) and Obstruction (Lunchbox). Somewhere in tha...


Oddczar - One Word LP

This record is refreshing. It is nice to see a band blossom into such a powerful force. They started out as mere high schoolers who always had to p...


Stranger Cells - Everything Is Static CD

Debut EP of lo-fi folk grunge rockers.1. Carpenter Bee 2. Promise 3. Old Man 4. The Sleuth 5. Into OblivionRun of 30, hand-numbered.Everything Is S...


Caseracer - S/T 7"

Co-release with Kat Kat Records ( Black / 200 Purple Haze1. Trickle Down 2. I’m Uh Fixing a Divot 3. The Blind Are Courageous ...


Mike Bell & The Movies - Stuck In A T.V. 7"

Mike Bell & the Movies features ex and current members of Algernon Cadwallader, Bandname, and Dangerous Ponies. For fans of go-karts, pick slid...

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Stereo - Rewind+Records CD


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Stereotyperider - Same Chords, Same Songs, Same Six Strings CD

After having toured the East Coast and Midwest with Fearless Recording artist, Big Wig, Stereotyperider are ready to release their debut masterpiec...


Spokesmen - S/T CD

out of print.