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The Turkletons ‎– Fur Frontal 7"

TracklistA1 Take Off You Hoser 1:34A2 You Had Me At Fuck Off Needle Dick 0:53B1 Ladykiller 2:00B2 Never Leave A Man Behind


Apocalypse Meow, & Todd Congelliere ‎– Split 7"

Tracklist Hide CreditsA1 –Apocalypse Meow Just You WaitDrums – John*Guitar, Bass – Jub*Guitar, Bass, Vocals – Justin*Recorded By, Mixed By, Mastere...


The Fur Coats ‎– Short-Brain 7"

TracklistA1 One More Shot A2 Short-Brain B1 Fathom B2 Idling Engines


Stabbed In Back & Payoff ‎ - Split 7"

TracklistA1 –Stabbed In Back James Hall A2 –Stabbed In Back Forever Premature B1 –Payoff Hell In A Handbasket B2 –Payoff Faceless Crowd


Pretty Pretty - Talkin' To The Walls 7"

Tracklist1 Talkin' To The Walls 2 Monster 3 Love Comes Once


The Slow Death & The Raging Nathans ‎– Split 7"

TracklistA1 –The Slow Death (2) My Soul's Like A Buick A2 –The Slow Death (2) Nothing B1 –The Raging Nathans (This Is Not A Love Song) B2 –The ...


Fat Stupids ‎– Fat Stupids 7"

TracklistAgent 245 1:41Brain Dead 1:17I'm A Weirdo 1:04I Have To Know 2:01Last Friday

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The Raging Nathans ‎– Jukebox Records 7" Series

Tracklist1 Long Way Home 2 Replicating Fuzzy Amoeba Balls 3 Rewards 4 Not That Kind of Girlfriend (Smoking Popes)


The Slow Death / Kyle Kinane ‎– Under The Table #2

A –Kyle Kinane Skunk B1 –The Slow Death - We Ain't Even MarriedWritten By – Young PioneersB2 –The Slow Death - Fuck The Labor PoolWritten By – ...

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Two Houses - Disappointer 7"

A01 Geicsman's Youth A02 Kanye West Doesn't Care About Chicago B01 Disappointer B02 Dude, Peyton Manning


Hit the Ground Stumbling - Nate Gangelhoff

Hit The Ground Stumbling is a book about the author's teenage friendship with a sullen troublemaker from a strict religious family named Rick D...


You Idiot! -- The First Book - Nate Gangelhoff

If you've ever wondered whether or not Hulk Hogan's rap album is any good, or if the anti-drug song recorded by the 1987 LA Lakers helped p...


Jerk Store Issue #6

XoxoUnderground Railroad To CandylandVirginsOff With Their HeadsThe DopaminesInterviews, record reviews, etc etc Honestly, it's pretty sick &am...


Cometbus Issue 49

Super rad issue of Cometbus. Chocked full of stuff, including interviews, poems, photos & the like. Cometbus has been on hiatus for a spell n...


The Transgressions / The Credentials ‎– The Transgressions / The Credentials 7"

The Transgressions Baby, I Love You (But I Need Someone To Talk To About The Ramones) The Transgressions Sleazeball The Transgressions I Don't ...


Blast And The Detergents / Ghost Hospital ‎– Blast And The Detergents / Ghost Hospital 7"

A1 –Blast And The Detergents Minimalism, D'uh A2 –Blast And The Detergents Time Misses A Beat B1 –Ghost Hospital Sitting Duck B2 –Ghost Hospita...

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Trunks & Tales ‎– Standing Still Fast

Road Sweet Road Records ‎– RSR011, Beard Party ‎– BP 014TracklistA1 Fifteen Side Effects, Ten Of Which Are Death A2 On The Conspiracy Shelf, Betwee...

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Dude Jams / Shang-A-Lang / Gordon Gano's Army / Dan Padilla 4-Way Split 7"

A1 –Dude Jams Dudes Helping Dudes A2 –Shang-A-Lang Go Ahead And Save Me B1 –Gordon Gano's Army Fading Out B2 –Dan Padilla Tyler Chase Harper (P...

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The Draft ‎– We'll Never Know / Hard To Be Around It 7"

A We'll Never Know B Hard To Be Around It


Centuries / Homestretch ‎– Centuries / Homestretch 7"

Centuries (5) I –Centuries (5) II –Centuries (5) III –Homestretch Quarry (Hunt) –Homestretch Muzzle (Domesticate)


Various ‎– Dangerous Intersections VII - Transgressions Billy Raygun Vacation New Creases

A1 –The Transgressions 17A2 –Billy Raygun FlashlightB1 –Vacation Heterosexual LionB2 –New Creases No Spark


Marc Antony / Dogs Of Ire ‎– Here's Your Warning 7"

A1 –Marc Antony The U.S. Just Don't Know How To Share The RoadA2 –Marc Antony We Need Some Sort Of Rising AgentB1 –Dogs Of Ire Fuck Your Bookin...


Sacridose ‎– Anxiety Tremors 7"

A1 Poison Design A2 Identity Clone A3 Life Farce A4 Only HumanWritten-By – Rudimentary PeniA5 Faceless B1 Anxiety Tremors B2 Mother Critical B3 Min...


Landbridge ‎– Landbridge 7"

A1 Forgotten 3:26A2 Don't Assume 1:28B1 Manufacturing Greed 2:33B2 Trafficker

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Rescuer ‎– With Time Comes The Comfort

TracklistBreathe 2:21Birds Of Prey 2:04Shame 2:10Fell 2:08Settled Ground 1:28Faded Youth 3:07Untitled 3:09Bring Me Back 1:43Too Far Gone 2:24Locked...

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Places To Hide ‎– Almost Nothing - LP

TracklistA01 Self Preservation 2:25A02 Love Song 2:45A03 October 2:41A04 Get Me Clean 2:30A05 Michael Jordan 3:10B01 Michael Amenta 3:25B02 Ayscoug...


Karoshi ‎– Ichi - LP

TracklistA1 Screaming Dogs A2 Pray For Death A3 Someone Has Blundered A4 Us/Them A5 Montreux B1 Desolate B2 Colorblind B3 Anthropoda B4 Broken Drea...


RobTheBank ‎– Spoken Codes LP

A1 Comanche A2 Spoken Codes A3 Hypocritic Oath A4 Bricks A5 BGFU A6 The End Of Time (Is Starting Now) A7 So Sick B1 Night Vision B2 I'm Savin&#...


Marine Electric ‎– Restrained Joy LP

A1 Change Your Mind 2:52A2 Street Guitars 1:59A3 Pretty Good Day To Be Alive 0:37A4 Sea Fever 3:06A5 Murder Mile 2:39B1 Live Oak 4:31B2 Ride It Out...