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Dead Serious ‎– It's What You Can't See CD

Tracklist1 Smile You Yellow Tooth Bastard 2 The Switchblade Of Gary Day 3 Yea My P@###y Hurts Too 4 Promissed Tomorrow 5 The Overlook 6 My Favorite...


Ben Weasel ‎– The Brain That Wouldn't Die CD

1 Making You Cry 2 Slogans 3 Guest List 4 Veronica Hates Me 5 Cool Kids 6 Cindy's On Methadone 7 Science Of Myth 8 What We Hate 9 Teenage Freak...


Subsistance ‎– Time To Defy CD

1 Time To Defy2 Leaving Out The Truth3 Who Draws The Line4 Lost It All5 There's No Place Like Home6 Middle Class Youth


O Pioneers!!! / Saw Wheel ‎– Split CD

O Pioneers!!! 1 The Kodan Armada Always Win 2 I Don't Believe You (You Know I Don't Speak Spanish) 3 If I'm Not Mistaken, Diversity Was...


Mid Carson July - Ten Years On Autopilot CD

Tracklist1 The Truth About Liars 2 Something About Small Talk 3 No Place I'd Rather Be 4 Dime Store Girl 5 Three Minutes In Logan 6 Sco...


Mexican Cheerleader - Kings and Kings' Hoots CD

Chicago's Punk-Classic Rock Kings are back with 12 awesome songs to rock your face off. Tracklist1 Sick List 2 Chickyn 3 Curry And Coffe...


Jonesin! - Is Dead 7" Songs CD

Songs 1 and 2 from: Shang-A-Lang / Jonesin' Split 7" (Dead Broke/Dirt Cult) Songs 3 and 4 from: Jonesin' / Dude Jams Split 7” (Dirt Cu...

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Caves - Betterment LP/CD

Betterment by Caves

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Screaming Females - What If Someone Is Watching Their T​.​V​.​? CD

What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.? by Screaming Females


Shark Pants - Porno Snakehead CD

I saw Shark Pants play in Torrance last year. They were sandwiched between two of my favorite bands: the Knockout Pills and Toys That Kill. Much to...


Set To Explode - S/T CD

Debut six song EP from WASHINGTON DC's SET TO EXPLODE. Fronted by former STRIKING DISTANCE vocalist Dave Byrd, consisting of ex-members of a sl...


Secret Seven - Take It Back CD

Hardcore from Singapore. This is comprised of their first full length, "Take it Back", the split EP w/ Jahilia, and the split EP w/ FPO. ...


Scouts Honor - I Am The Dust CD

this album slays.Jared Grabb - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, BassChris Mackey - Bass, Guitar, VocalsAtomic Satterfield - Drums, Percussion, VocalsRecorded...

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Ten Volt Shock - 6null3 CD

Another great album by this Emo-Noise-Rock trio from Freiburg, Germany, with 10 electroshock-blizzards! Sounds like a combination of Big Black'...

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Swank - The Think For Yourself Movement CD

A blend of full-on DC-style hardcore with heavy rock'n'roll and a touch of ska from this up-and-coming new punker outfit. Thirteen songs th...


Superslueth - Live At The Fireside Bowl CD

Live At The Fireside Bowl by Supersleuth


Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission - S/T CD

4 song ep, this is an ADD Recs classicSuperchinchillarescuemission by SUPERCHINCHILLARESCUEMISSION

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Less Than Jake - Goodbye Blue & White CD/DVD

sweet deluxe reissue with a dvd of a 2007 performance of the record.

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V/A : No Idea Records & Fueled By Ramen - COMP CD

1. The Impossibles-Oxygen~~~2. Small Brown Bike-Hideaway~~~3. Recover-Pardon the Wait~~~4. Gunmoll-Green~~~5. Jersey-All Rise~~~6. The Tone-Bullshi...

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V/A: Don't Fall Asleep A MPLS DIY Comp For Daybreak Newspaper CD

The Daybreak Collective of Minneapolis has been irregularly publishing a refreshingly defiant anarchists newspaper since 2001 and has been a mainst...


Young, Gina - She's So Androgynous CD

Although she has virtually no formal musical training, gina’s immediate family includes an opera singer, a composer, a philharmonic percussionist, ...


Yes Sensei - We Who Transplant, Sustain CD

The second Yes Sensei release is more of everything. More focused, dynamic, noisy, experimental, grooving, just more of the elements of Yes Sensei ...


Yes Sensei - What I Do Best Is What I Do Worst CD

What I Do Best is What I Do Worst by Yes Sensei


Wedgepiece - Absolute Bliss CD

total Guided By Voices worship.

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Watson - Killing Momentum CD

Tampa X Core members of Too Many Daves, Vaginasore jr, Decker, and Clairmel.Killing Momentum by WATSON


Veterans, The - S/T CD

The Veterans by The Veterans


Vena Cava - Weapons Of Mass Communication CDep

click the play button. no need to blabber in this spot right?Weapons Of Mass Communication by VENA CAVA