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Screaming Females - What If Someone Is Watching Their T​.​V​.​? CD

What If Someone Is Watching Their T.V.? by Screaming Females


46 Short - Truth Denied CD

For years this band has been hammering out their faithful, straight ahead style of classic Hardcore Punk in the vein of Circle Jerks, Black Flag an...


86 Mentality - Goin Nowhere Fast CD

We are extremely excited to finally have this anthology CD in our hands. "GOIN' NOWHERE FAST" is a 19 song collection, containing all...


A Day In Black And White / Black Castle - Split CD

A Day In Black And White throws down three songs (1 live and 2 recorded with Kurt Ballou at Godcity) and Black Castle throws down four all-new song...


A.K.A.S, The (Are Everywhere) - Everybody Make Some Noise CD

Combining raucous guitars, compulsive rhythms, ominous organs, and manic vocal diatribes, The A.K.A.'s musical delivery is smartly served in a ...


Against Me - Searching For A Former Clarity CD

Another gem from the Sunshine State! Inspired by hurricanes, swamp gators, and corrupt elections, this punk rock magnum opus is their most mature s...


Against Me - The Original Cowboy CD

Demos recorded in July 2003 for what was to become The Eternal Cowboy. Tom Gabel: “Recorded and mixed in only a couple of hours, The Original Cowbo...


Against Me - White Crosses CD

"White Crosses" was produced by veteran producer Butch Vig (Green Day, Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins) who also produced Against Me!'s 20...

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Ambition Mission - Discography CD

complete discography of this Chicago band that played East Bay inspired pop punk ala Crimpshrine/Fifteen, the Avengers or Hickey(the latter two ban...

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Anchor, The S/T CD

It took me a couple of spins, but this is pretty alright. This album is straightforward, gruffy, pop punk of the melodic variety. One guy sounds li...

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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Candy Cigarettes, Capguns, Issue Problems and Such CD

2011 compilation from the Phoenix-based Punk band. Formed in 2004, AJJ have become quite a cult hit amongst the Punk community. Touring pretty much...


Angel Eyes - And For A Roof A Sky Full OF Stars CDep

This is described on the site as "like the soundtrack to a time lapse film of the end of the world." whoa. scarier th...


Annalise - Versus Everything CD

They very rarely play live or venture into a recording studio, but ANNALISE’s place in the underground punk scene is assured thanks to a long term ...


Another Breath - Mill City CD

Standing in a VFW hall in Fulton, New York, the middle of June, with a hundred and fifty kids crowded around the band, singer Ted AB drops the mic ...


Another Breath - The God Complex CD

A lot of buzz words get thrown around when people discuss hardcore. ‘Catharsis’ is probably one you’ve heard more than a few times.It could be the ...


Antlers - S/T CD

Debut Record by Richmond's Antlers. Antler's play primarily instrumental mathy indie stuff more to the tune of bands like Ghost and Vodka. ...

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Arteries, The - Blood, Sweat, And Beers CD

Cast your mind back to the mid-to-late-`90s and you will be reminded of a world that seems almost imaginary: a pre-9/11 society where the violent m...

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Arteries, The - Dead Sea CD

Brand new full length from The Arteries! 13 tracks of straight up, no bullshit punk rock from Swansea's finest.


Aspiga - Tense CD

Aspiga from Collingswood, NJ play tunes in the vein of Osker, Jawbreaker, Hanalei, Fingers Cut Mega-Machine, and Desaparecidos. Their debut full le...


Asthma Attaq - Breathe Heavy CD

Florida's Asthma Atttaq returns with a new genre bending full-length. Having drawn comparisons as varied from Jerome's Dream to Hella to Ye...


Backpocket - What Am I Gonna Do With A Gun Rack CDep

dudes from the Measure (sa) and The Ergs


Bangers - Dude Trips CD

CD collection of all of Bangers vinyl output, 10 tracks including stuff from the splits with Break the Habit & Dirty Tactics, their single on A...


Bar Feeders, The - 50 Ways To Leave Your Liver CD

If being drunk and having great hearts equaled rocket science in this world, The Bar Feeders would be a band of Einsteins and Oppenheimers. Think a...


Baseball Furies - All-American Psycho CD

Big Neck Records and Flying Bomb Records combine their talents to bring you The Baseball Furies long out of print 10” “All American Psycho” and the...


Basement Black - Recovery Stories and Worn Out Welcomes CD

Re-release of full-length CDR that was self-released by the band. Melodic, aggressive, political punk rock from Brooklyn, NY.Recovery Stories &...


Be My Doppelganger - No Composuer CD

No Composure is an eclectic mix of the best pop punk, power pop and rock 'n' roll the Midwest has to offer from one of today's best ban...


Ben Weasel ‎– The Brain That Wouldn't Die CD

1 Making You Cry 2 Slogans 3 Guest List 4 Veronica Hates Me 5 Cool Kids 6 Cindy's On Methadone 7 Science Of Myth 8 What We Hate 9 Teenage Freak...

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Betrayed - Substance CD

If there’s any band that can incite a circle pit or inspire the kids to raise their fists and mosh till they can mosh no more, it’s certainly BETRA...