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Annalise - Versus Everything CD

They very rarely play live or venture into a recording studio, but ANNALISE’s place in the underground punk scene is assured thanks to a long term ...


Blocko/Minority Blues Band "Split" 7"

Rockin' Japanese pop punk coming at you from Snuffy Smiles!

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Blotto / Ringers - Split 7"

import split ep


Come On Feel - Red Heart Beat 7"

Japanese punk courtesy of Snuff Smiles records (Japan)


Crump, The - Leave Home 7"

The Crump somehow, take mid-’90s Midwest pop punk and put it right at the feet of the altar of early Elvis Costello. Finger snapping, toe tapping g...


Crump, The / Shyboy - Split 7"

If think Japanese punk, you think Snuffy Smiles. This record contains more of what makes this label so great: hooks, distortion, and diy spirit. Ge...


Driftage - Paint It Black EP 7"

Ripping four-songer from this Japanese melodic HC/punk band. As on their split with the Miscasts, these guys have a very Articles of Faith-esque so...


Gleam Garden / Browntrout - Split 7"

Split 7" of two of Japan's best melodic pop-punk bands! An amazing split and one of my faves. Import. Look out for both bands on DEAD ...

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Gleam Garden / Dan Padilla - Split 7"

7" from Snuffy Smile-Think Japanese punk ala Blotto meets post HWM gruffness. Excellent choice, sir, excellent choice.


Gleam Garden - In The One Sided World 7"

Awesome Leatherface-esque melodic gut-wrenching pop-punk from JAPAN! Snuffy smiles style! 1-sided 7"


Holy Shit - Had A Couple Good Songs CD

Snuffy Smiles from Kyoto, Japan released this 55 song retrospective CD for Holy Shit!'s 2010 Japan tour. It's a fabulous collection of ever...


I Excuse - Burn The Empty To The Ash CD

Awesome Japanese version of Leatherface.


I Excuse - Is Dead CD

Awesome Japanese version of Leatherface


Lefty Loosie / Pear Of The West - Split 7"

Lefty Loosie: Picks up right where the full length left off, really catchy poppy punk. Addie’s voice sounds a little smoother on this (I’d make som...


Loser X - Underground Idiots 7"

Taking cues from old DC melodic hardcore pioneers Dag Nasty and Scream, Loser X rips it full tilt on this excellent Snuffy Smiles release.


Minority Blues Band - Capitalized Suffering CD

I reviewed the songs on this CD for the last issue of Razorcake, but for some unexplained reason, I put the title of the Minority Blues Band’s firs...


Minority Blues Band - Grab The Fire Swinging In The Rain CD

Rule number one: Japanese punk rockers play their instruments better than American punk rockers. Rule number two: everything Snuffy Smile records r...

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Miscasts, The / Driftage - Split 7"

Smiles tradition of solid Japanese punk continues with this undeniable 7" from The Miscasts and Driftage.


One Leaf / The Thumbs - Split 7"

From Baltimore, The Thumbs toured heavily, put out great full-lengths, and even eventually got signed to Adeline Records. And much like Scared of C...


Pear Of The West - Passed Out The Wasted CD

for fans of Discount, Lemuria, and The Measure (sa) awesome girl fronted pop punk!! sooooo good!Watch em live here:


Practice - More Practice 7"

Following up their split EP with Off With Their Heads, here are 3 more songs sure to be enjoyed by fans of The 'Tone, The Clash, and Hidden Spots.


Shang-A-Lang / Broken Mountain - Split 7"

Snuffy Smiles version of this release (that was released in the US by Dirt Cult). different cover and artwork and all that crap. limited to 300 w...

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Shonben / My Winter Jane - Split 7"

another bad ass Japanese release from Snuffy Smiles Records.ex.TAMI pre.THE HAPPENING vs ex.BROCCOLI

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Southport / Longball To No One - Split 7"



Tim Version, The / Baggage - Split 7"

Tim Version tracks include "let the Bastardization Begin" and "Pave the Bay". Baggage tracks include "No Answers" and...


Tim Version, The / Gleam Garden - Split 7"

Tampa's longest running punk institution slam out 2 new jams. Gleam Garden rock two more for y'al!! this band fucking kills it and if you...


V/A The Bastards Can't Dance - A Tribute To Leatherface CD

As a member of the USFC, it’s no secret that I love Leatherface. Broken heart? Things not right in the world? Completely happy and surrounded by fr...


What-A-Nights - S/T LP

Japanese Pop Punk!!What-A-Night's by Rad Girlfriend Records