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Abolitionist - At The Level Of The Ear 7"

Melodic punk in the vein of Jawbreaker/Fugazi/Hot Water Music out of Oregon. 400 on black vinyl, 100 on marbled red vinyl. Proceeds benefit Partner...

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Abolitionist - It Used To Rain LP

check em out here. used to rain LP/CD by abolitionist


A Day In Black And White / Black Castle - Split CD

A Day In Black And White throws down three songs (1 live and 2 recorded with Kurt Ballou at Godcity) and Black Castle throws down four all-new song...

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Agatha - Nothing Is Static 7"

Not Gay as in Happy. Queer as in Fuck You. People! Hailing from Seattle these kids bring 90's styled, RiotGrrrrl hard core. Their lyrics are an...

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Anchor Arms / Madison Bloodbath - Split 7"

Holy Crap, East Coast meets West Coast but this in not a rivalry like 2Pac and Biggie. This is in perfect harmony of two different bands. Anchor ...

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Anchor Arms/Why I Hate - Split LP

Gainesville, Florida meets the East Bay, California! This is ANCHOR ARMS follow up to last years amazing Cold Blooded, and they contribute 7 amazin...

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Anchor, The S/T CD

It took me a couple of spins, but this is pretty alright. This album is straightforward, gruffy, pop punk of the melodic variety. One guy sounds li...

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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Holiday In(n) Gainesville LP

Recorded live on a four track in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn during an afterparty on the last day of Fest 7. Complete with crappy recording, to...


Band Name - Breakfast LP

These guys have done nothing but work, work, work, since they released their CD, "Insert Hear" last year. They played FEST in 2009 and to...


Banner Pilot - Pass The Poison LP

1st self released CDep by the band now available on a One-Sided 12"Only a few of the 1st Pressing are left. Grab it before they are gone!Down...


Basement Black - Recovery Stories and Worn Out Welcomes CD

Re-release of full-length CDR that was self-released by the band. Melodic, aggressive, political punk rock from Brooklyn, NY.Recovery Stories &...

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Betrayed - Substance CD

If there’s any band that can incite a circle pit or inspire the kids to raise their fists and mosh till they can mosh no more, it’s certainly BETRA...

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Big Soda - Paper Route 7"

Formed in late 2009, Big Soda is made up of 3 long time friends (Josh, Brian, and Kyle) that call Brooklyn home. The trio influenced is heavily by ...


Billy Raygun / Lipstick Homicide - Split LP

Billy Raygun - Finally all graduated from high school, New Hampshire's Billy Raygun presents its first offering in an LP format. Taking a sligh...

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Black Rainbow - 100% Free 7"

The debut release by this San Francisco Bay Area anarchist thrashy pop punk band, with 3 songs of speedy, melodic and very noisy punk. Band members...

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Black Rainbow - Radiate 7"

Erick and Ivy (Allergic To Bullshit, Miami, and too many other great bands to name) are back and teaming up with their buddies Morgan (formerly of ...


Bomb The Music Industry / Laura Stevenson & The Cans - Split 7"

When BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY! started doing tours, the plan was always to tour with our friends and put out split 7"s covering each others'...

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Breathe In - From This Day On CD

Berkeley, CA's own hybrid punk / hardcore sensation...Breathe In spew forth twelve urgent tracks on their debut album. Image in the emotion of ...

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Broadway Calls - Be All That You Can't Be 7"

Features "Be All You Can't Be" from the forthcoming full-length "Good Views, Bad News" (August 18). The flipside contains a...

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Brokedowns, The - Species Bender CD

The Brokedowns are a humble and oft-dormant quartet from right outside Chicago that somehow stole the punk rock spotlight in the last year. They to...

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Bury The Living - All The News That's Fit To Scream CD

Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding Blast Beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse ...


Bust! - Fuck City CD

BUST!’s first full length. 10 songs. They are borderline obsessed with Scared of Chaka. They also like the Marked Men and getting hit in the nuts. ...

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Capital - Homefront LP

Without a proper touring regimen, it seems like Capital will forever live in infamy as one of Long Island, New York's best-kept secrets in melo...

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Capital - Signal Corps LP

The Eastern seaboard has continuously provided a hotbed of influences from which to harvest for punk rock bands from Long Island. Notably it's ...

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Capsule - No Ghost LP

No Ghost by Capsule


Cass County Uglies, The - S/T CD

In 29 minutes, the Cass County Uglies doubled my interest in North Dakota. What I once only knew for giving me Chuck Klosterman can now boast a str...


Challenged, The - Loaded Language CD

New York, NY based “The Challenged” sharpen the blade and cut to the quick on their 3rd release “Loaded Language”. Loaded Language is 13 tracks of ...

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Chicax / He Who Corrupts - Split 7"

Two songs by Miss Chica X, our all-time favorite Quad Cities child noise-pop star and three songs by Hewhocorrupts, our favorite Chicago grind-pop ...

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Chillerton - Hollow Lane 7"

Listening to “Hollow Lane” is reminiscent of an energetic basement show. Sing-along vocals, tight rhythms, and inspirational lyrics melt together ...