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Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels - An Uneasy Peace LP/CD

After some fond farewells and a quiet moment, Pretty Boy Thorson returns for their third full length album, "An Uneasy Peace," featuring ...

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The New Lows - I Couldn't Sleep LP/CD

Old school Orlando dudes from 90's band Shyster killing it with this JAM!I Couldn't Sleep by The New Lows

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Rational Anthem - Sensitivity Training CD

1st full length. NOW ON CD!! Sensitivity Training by Rational Anthem

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Rational Anthem - Whatevermind LP/CD

2nd full length from this Sarasota, Fl trio. kicking out the bouncy pop punk jamsRational Anthem - Whatevermind LP/CD by Kiss Of Death Records

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Arms Aloft - Sawdust City LP or CD

ARMS ALOFT formed in 2007 in their hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; a logging town-turned interstate exit between Minneapolis and Chicago. They w...


New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery CD

The entire record is online to check out now... STREAM "Chock Full Of Misery" here! Co-Release with NO IDEA Records -KOD CD does not inc...


Static Radio NJ - We Are All Beasts CD

finally a cd version for ya!!With their newest album, "We Are All Beasts," Static Radio NJ have found a home at Florida's Kiss of Dea...

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New Bruises - Better Enough - A Collection: 2006 - 2010 CD or DD

A teaser to get you stoked for the soon to be released and long awaited full length from NEW BRUISES "Chock Full Of Misery" The songs on...


Houseboat - The Thorns Of Life CD

yes!!!! it's finally here. I SWEAR YOU WILL GET IT IN A TIMELY FASHION. this is now a KOD release. maybe #80? we arent sure yet.dudes from ...


Bangers - Small Pleasures CD

The new full length by Cornwall, England's BANGERSThe record will be available on Specialist Subject in the UK/Europe and on KOD in the North A...


The Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse - CD

Drawing on Cock Sparrer's working class anthems, the Lemonheads sometimes rollicking/sometimes somber vibe, and the East Bay pop punk fury of C...

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Timeshares - Bearable LP or CD

2ND PRESSING NOW IN STOCK!!~Free Digital Download is available at If You Make It ~To portray Timeshares as anything more than four friends from dow...

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The Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse CD / Digital Download

+ Rarest Vinyl Colors are on a First Come First Serve Basis +~Digital Download is FREE (Suggested Donation $5 - $10) ~Drawing on Cock Sparrer'...


Dirty Tactics - The Divine Middle CDep

Philadelphia's Dirty Tactics bring 5 tracks (4 on the vinyl) melodic mid tempo punk rock to the table on The Divine Middle EP. Sometimes sad so...


Monikers - Wake Up CD

Featuring a member of the long-defunct Florida legends Discount, people tend to say Monikers "Wake Up" sounds like Jawbreaker, Leatherfac...


In The Red - Volume One CD

Featuring Mike Hale from Gunmoll(No Idea), this three piece powerhouse creates epic guitar rock not too far removed from Hot Water Music and Leathe...


O Pioneers!!! - Neon Creeps CD

It may sound cliché, but sometimes an album just speaks to you. In the case of Neon Creeps, O Pioneers talk about real life, about meeting real lif...


No Friends - Traditional Failures CDep

This hardcore supergroup featuring Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), Richard Minino (New Mexican Disaster Squad, None More Black, Gatorface), Alex Go...

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Unwelcome Guests - Don't Go Swimming LP

Don’t Go Swimming is a breath of fresh air. The record is vastly different from mainstream punk rock. There is a little something for everyone in t...

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Unwelcome Guests - Don't Go Swimming CD

Don’t Go Swimming is a breath of fresh air. The record is vastly different from mainstream punk rock. There is a little something for everyone in t...

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Measure (sa), The - One Chapter In The Book CD

The sophomore full length release from this innovative NJ quartet is actually a collection of the best songs from 7 different singles, split 7"...

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Guiltmaker - Dilemmas LP/CD

Members of old Tampa hardcore bands such as Reversal Of Man, Combat Wounded Veteran and Early Grace. Awesome rock in the vein of Engine Down, Harem...


Knockdown, The - Test/Retest CD

A melodic hardcore punk rock band from Upstate New York. They have toured up and down the east coast, released various demos. Get rad and check it ...

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Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience LP/CD

Mouthbreather's first full length record, captured by Chris Owens (LORDS), is a slice of punk played with a chip on its shoulder. Raw and strip...

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Cutman - No Trick Pony 7" /CD / Digital Downlaod

CUTMAN "NO TRICK PONY" & “BIG DEAL” CDep and Separate 7 inches Folks from Gunmoll, Unitas and Escape Grace playing DC by way of Gaine...

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Light Yourself On Fire - S/T

Ex Scrog and Reversal Of Man dudes pummeling yr brain into mush. A must for anyone for any fan of brutal music without any tough guy undertones......

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Guiltmaker - Driven By Arms

4 songs of post hardcore in the vein of Engine Down, 400 Years and Texas Is The Reason. ex - Early Grace, Reversal Of Man and Combat Wounded Veter...

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Monikers - Eat Your Young CD

MONIKERS"EAT YOUR YOUNG" 7 inch & CDepThis is the first EP from these Floridian gritty pop-punk hook-meisters. Often thought of as a ...


VRGNS - Manimals CD

This Orlando, FL based band's second full-length for Kiss of Death features bigger, louder production (while still retaining its charming "...

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Witches With Dicks - Manual

Witches With Dicks sounds like a band named on a dare and they probably were. Nevertheless, they have a better chance of upping the ante for punk r...