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No Friends - Traditional Failures CDep KOD 052

This hardcore supergroup featuring Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), Richard Minino (New Mexican Disaster Squad, None More Black, Gatorface), Alex Goldfarb (New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface, Virgins) and Sam Johnson (New Mexican Disaster Squad, Virgins) are back with a follow-up to their blistering 2009 s/t debut on No Idea. Their raging 80's hardcore tendencies are still fully intact and even more focused than on their previous effort. This 6 song EP (which rips by in right around 8 minutes) harkens back to 80's hardcore with an equal nod to each coast. Fans of Dag Nasty, Minor Threat and Bad Brains will be equally as pleased as those that lean more towards the western approach of the Adolescents, Black Flag and Descendents. This CDep features artwork by the bands own drummer (Richard "Horsebites" Minino of the Black Axe).

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