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The Draft ‎– We'll Never Know / Hard To Be Around It 7"

A We'll Never Know B Hard To Be Around It


Scouts Honor - I Am The Dust CD

this album slays.Jared Grabb - Vocals, Guitar, Banjo, BassChris Mackey - Bass, Guitar, VocalsAtomic Satterfield - Drums, Percussion, VocalsRecorded...

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V/A : No Idea Records & Fueled By Ramen - COMP CD

1. The Impossibles-Oxygen~~~2. Small Brown Bike-Hideaway~~~3. Recover-Pardon the Wait~~~4. Gunmoll-Green~~~5. Jersey-All Rise~~~6. The Tone-Bullshi...

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Spoke - Done CD

Classic No Idea Release


Annalise - Versus Everything CD

They very rarely play live or venture into a recording studio, but ANNALISE’s place in the underground punk scene is assured thanks to a long term ...

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Defiance, Ohio - Share What Ya Got CD

folk punk jams


Tim Version, The - Decline Of The Southern Gentleman CD

Tampa, FL punk rock. legends at this point.


New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery CD

The entire record is online to check out now... STREAM "Chock Full Of Misery" here! Co-Release with NO IDEA Records -KOD CD does not inc...

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New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery LP

The entire record is online to check out now... STREAM "Chock Full Of Misery" here! Co-Release with NO IDEA RecordsChock Full of Misery,...

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FIYA - Make Joy, Make Strength CD

Passionate, political hardcore punk from Gainesville FL. Beautiful, energized and idealist lyrics.See Also: Children's Children, Holopaw,Reacti...

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Ergs, The / Grabass Charlestons - Split 7"

Grabass Charlestons:Dave Drobach - bassPJ Fancher - guitarsWill Thomas - drums, vocalsRecorded June 21 and July 10, 2006at Sarlacc Studios in Gaine...

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Samiam - Orphan Works LP

Double LP comes in a beautiful gatefold jacket! Includes download code! 18 tracks of studio outtakes, in-studio radio shows, and live recordings fr...

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Chris Wollard / Addison Burns - Lil Bitta 7"

Recorded and mixed at Addison's house by Chris & Addison, for their 2011 Australia/New Zealand tour with Tim Barry.

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North Lincoln - Midwestern Blood LP

A few years ago, somebody coined the term “Midwestern beer-belly despair rock” to describe a handful of bands emanating from the greater Illinois/M...


Off With Their Heads - From The Bottom CD

Combine a direct, desperate outlook with upbeat, forward-moving punk rock, and what do you have? A strangely uplifting, energetic rallying cry that...

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New Mexican Disaster Squad / Western Addiction - Split CD

Orlando’s NMDS kick out four ragers, including a cover of “FVK” (Bad Brains). San Francisco’s WA destroy all with four incendiary nuggets, capped o...

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Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel CD

classic UK punk band.


Grabass Charlestons - The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd CD

Sweat dripping, whiskey-drowned dirty Florida punk at its finest. Like Tiltwheel, the tones are bright and happy, but the sentiment is dark, ultra-...

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Combat Wounded Veteran - I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos LP

Tampa, Florida grind/thrash/punk madness and chaos....totally fucking classicNineteen songs in nineteen minutes. Destroyed vocals.Destroyed drums. ...


Defiance Ohio - Midwestern Minutes CD

you know these guys right?

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Measure (sa), The - Notes CD

the swan song from our favorite band!


Off With Their Heads / Detournement - split 7"

2 songs from each band with care bears on the cover.-yepOff With Their Heads :1. Listerine (acoustic)2. Princess (originally by Panthro U.K. United...

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Cheap Girls / Lemuria - Split 7"

TracklistA1 –Lemuria (3) Single MotherA2 –Lemuria (3) LemonsB –Cheap Girls Pure Hate


Worriers - Past Lives 7"

new band from Lauren Measure (sa) get into it now!

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Defiance Ohio - Midwestern Minutes LP

the kids love this...repressed again!! come get some?


Small Brown Bike - Fell & Found LP

Brand new LP from these No Idea favorites.


Young Livers / Bridge And Tunnel - Split 7"

After both of these bands released excellent debut albums, the prospect of a split seemed ideal. Though their styles are rather antithetical (as ev...

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No Friends / Off With Their Heads - Split 6"

get it, it's wacky shaped.

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New Mexican Disaster Squad - Weapons & Equipment...7"

out of print? yep! unearthed copies from Alex's momma house? yep! red vinyl? yep! get em quick before they are gone forever!!


Holy Mountain/Cobra Noir - Split 7"

This is it folks, the final chapter in the split-record journey for THE HOLY MOUNTAIN. Two blistering crisps of hardcore swagger, fizzing guitar le...