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Low Culture - S/T 7"

In late 2011, when it was clear that Shang-A-Lang was ending because Andy was moving to Idaho and Total Jock (a short lived hardcore project) was o...


Hairdos On Fire! / Hotdog! - Split 7"

Bred from the blistering heat of the American Southwest, both bands excel in fucked-fi, poppy punk rock which can usually be found in its natural h...


Lenguas Largas - S/T 7''

I don’t mind weird if it rocks. I don’t mind psychrock if the “rock” part’s not just a handy post-it note whacked onto the side of masturbation. Le...


Earthmen & Strangers / Far Corners - Split 7"

Earthmen and Strangers: features Ryan Rousseau from The Reatards, The Wongs, Destruction Unit, Tokyo Electron and probably about a million other am...


Rumspringer / Shang-A-Lang - Split 7"

Another record that's been years in the making, a few other labels have offered to do this and then quickly fallen off the face of the earth so...


Scrams , The - EP 7"

Budget rock from Albuquerque featuring Nate from GIANT HAYSTACKS! Really fun stuff!Zodak b/w Eat the Beat EP by The Scrams


Shit Creek - Scene Cred Is Our Name 7"

This is the first time in history I didn’t even have to hear the band before I agreed to put out their record. Granted I was black out drunk at Cha...

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God Equals Genocide / Libyans - Split 7"

This is the long awaited split 7″ that should have been completed years ago. The A side contains three new songs by Los Angeles trio God Equals Gen...


Brickfight - Harvester Of Nachos TAPE

All of Brickfight's "proper" releases in one convenient package with some amazing cover art. Comes with a download code so you can li...


Foreign Objects - A Kind of Life/The Key 7"

Foreign Objects- S/T 7" . Boston band featuring former / current members of Libyans, Conversions and Ampere. The music is simple, catchy and ...

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Low Culture - Demo TAPE

Chris from Dirt Cult and Shang A Lang's new band!! get on it.Low Culture Demo by Dirt Cult Records


Carnivores - German Flower 7"

Venus zine said of this band, "At times, Carnivores are nostalgic, reminiscent of garage bands of the 60s, but at other times, the grimy melod...


Foreign Objects / Defect Defect / Daylight Robbery - 3 Way Split LP

Defect Defect/Daylight Robbery/Foreign Objects - 3 Way Split LP. Literally, years in the making, this amazing record is finally seeing the light of...

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Turkish Techno - Past Due LP

I’m not going to lie. I have given up hope on this record (as a lot of people have) too many times to mention. But somehow it’s finally out! If any...


Shang-A-Lang / Broken Mountain - Split 7"

Snuffy Smiles version of this release (that was released in the US by Dirt Cult). different cover and artwork and all that crap. limited to 300 w...


Gypsy - 4 Song TAPE or CD

4 Song Cassette Tape of totally awesome killer lo-fi basement punk rock from members of: Shang-a-lang, Marked Men & Hidden Spots! Comes with do...


Shark Pants - Automatic Pinner 7"

Criminally underrated punk rock powerhouse from Tucson, AZ. If there were any justice in the word Shark Pants would be bigger than Jesus while (ins...

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Shang-A-Lang - Summertime 7"

This 7" contains four songs of poppy punk that's full of golden southwest desert distortion that we all love so much. It'll pick you u...


Land Action / Spanish Lisp - Split 7"

Steamy, hissy, low fidelity punk rock with the occasional (and appropriate) keyboards. Recorded at the 24/7 House (the old Trashies’ abode), this b...


Jonesin' / Dude Jams - Split 7"

two new jams from each band. make sure to pick up the Jonesin split 7" on KISS OF DEATH!Jonesin'/Dude Jams - Split 7" by Dir...

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God Equals Genocide - Life Of Doubt 7"

The reason I got into punk rock was because of bands like this. They may not be the most accessible or coolest at the moment. The instruments make ...


Sundowners - Gnome & Glacier LP

Hard to pin down. SUNDOWNERS has a similar vibe to KILLER DREAMER. They aren't really as spastic or fast, but the weird sort of hectic guitar p...