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Abolitionist - It Used To Rain LP

check em out here. used to rain LP/CD by abolitionist


Above Them - Blueprint For A Better Time LP

Taking cues from mid 90's emo luminaries such as Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones, Small Brown Bike, Jets to Brazil, and Braid, ABOVE THEM creat...

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Accelerators - Fuel For The Fire LP

Three years after releasing their self titled debut album (a true scorcher leaving it’s burn mark on the collective mind of punk rockers all over E...


Active Sac - Kill All Humans LP

Active Sacs first full length is 11 songs of tight pop in the vein of BIG DRILL CAR and early GREEN DAY with soaring BEACH BOYS-esque harmonies tha...


Amateur Party - Truncheons In The Manor LP

Truncheons in the Manor is the first Lp by Philadelphia's Amateur Party in 3 years and their first full length ever. The band recorded 10 track...

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Anchor Arms/Why I Hate - Split LP

Gainesville, Florida meets the East Bay, California! This is ANCHOR ARMS follow up to last years amazing Cold Blooded, and they contribute 7 amazin...


Anchor Down - Steel To Dust LP

It is not very often that I come across an album that I just can’t stop listening to. Sure, there are times where I pick something up and it will o...

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Andrew Jackson Jihad - Holiday In(n) Gainesville LP

Recorded live on a four track in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn during an afterparty on the last day of Fest 7. Complete with crappy recording, to...


Arm The Poor/Stuck Lucky - Split LP

Tampa's Arm the Poor and Tennessee's Stuck Lucky team up for this full length split. Fans of mid 90's ska punk and fat wreck style riff...


Arteries, The - Dead Sea LP

Mint Green. ripping melodic punk rock from Swansea, UK They have a new split 7" with Static Radio NJ and another new split with The Arrivals...


Asthma Attaq "S/T" LP

intense spazcore for fans of At The Drive-In and The Locust.

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Astpai - Efforts And Means LP

Progressing from their previous LP, 2010's Heart to Grow, the 11 tracks on Efforts & Means clearly show that Astpai create heartfelt, since...


Attack! Vipers! - Deadweight Revival LP

one of the best UK bands clear vinylDeadweight Revival by Attack! Vipers!

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Attack! Vipers! - The Mirror and the Destroyer LP

It’s interesting how the melodic chaos of the late, great Drowningman has emerged in bands like Errander, Die By Design, D-Rail & Attack! Viper...


Autonomy ‎– The Art Of Work In The Age Of Digital Reproduction LP

Post-Punk, PunkA1 Homostatis Stasis 2:30A2 Public Faith 2:54A3 Dumb Punk 0:39A4 Contemptus Mundi 3:43A5 Library Of Alexandria 3:14A6 No Need 3:54B1...


Bad Blood Revival - Tongue Twisting LP

However Bad Blood Revival is exactly that and has laid down a pretty awesome record in Tongue Twisting Tunes for Tiny Tots that is part of split re...


Band Name - Breakfast LP

These guys have done nothing but work, work, work, since they released their CD, "Insert Hear" last year. They played FEST in 2009 and to...

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Banner Pilot - Collapser LP

yep, this LP rips.


Bearproof Suit - byoboc LP

Milwaukee’s Bear Proof Suit would have fit in nicely on Beer City Records back in the day, not that Beer City isn’t still alive and kicking. The po...


Bedford Falls - Elegant Balloons LP

“ELEGANT BALLOONS” is the sophomore album by Cardiff’s BEDFORD FALLS, which has been 5 years in the making since their critically acclaimed debut “...

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Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats The Tape LP

Finally! The wait is over! Belvedere's fourth and arguably their best full-length available for the first time ever on vinyl! This is a three l...

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Belvedere - S/T 2XLP

This record is 10 years in the making! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of 'Twas Hell Said Former Child and the upcoming reunion...


Be My Doppelganger - No Composure LP

No Composure is an eclectic mix of the best pop punk, powerpop and rock 'n' roll the midwest has to offer from one of today's best band...


Billy Raygun / Lipstick Homicide - Split LP

Billy Raygun - Finally all graduated from high school, New Hampshire's Billy Raygun presents its first offering in an LP format. Taking a sligh...

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Black Cross - Severance Pays LP

Black Cross finally return with their long awaited second full length, Severance Pays. On these ten songs they have focused their patented melodic-...

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Black Wine - S/T LP

Debut album from Jeff Schroek of The Ergs! and Miranda Taylor and J. Nixon of Hunchback. At times grungy, at times poppy, fans of Mudhoney, The Erg...


Blast And The Detergents ‎– Brain Time Now LP

A1 Paranoid Future A2 Questions A3 New Florida A4 Free Me A5 Confusion, Oh No A6 Stuck A7 The Empire Never Ended A8 Macho Suck A9 Refrigerator A10 ...


Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits ‎– Trainwreck To Narnia LP

A1 After The Armadillo A2 Vanilla American A3 Blues Turn Brown A4 Cop Kisser A5 Biological Imperative A6 My Darling Boo B1 Baked Beans And Whiskey ...

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Bomb, The - Speed Is Everything LP

Singer of Naked Raygun and a dude from The Methadones. this shit is amazing.


Brainworms - Swear To Me LP

After numerous splits, compilations, and tapes Brainworms have created Brainworms II: Swear To Me. Comprised of 10 tracks recorded by Steve Roach(P...