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Attack! Vipers! - The Mirror and the Destroyer LP YoYo 038

It’s interesting how the melodic chaos of the late, great Drowningman has emerged in bands like Errander, Die By Design, D-Rail & Attack! Vipers!, bands that call the east side of the Atlantic home and do the full throttle, angular melodi-core thang far better than any Yank bunch claiming inspiration from Simon Brody and his dysfunctional band of substance-addled merry men. Portsmouth’s A!V! are experienced vets (with a list of priors including Jets Vs Sharks, Thirst, Seven Arrows In Your Bastard Heart, Ruin You! & Bail Out) adamant of their DIY roots who have come together to create nine impressive songs of gristly hardcore with an edgy, metallic feel to the guitars, melodic chord structures and strong choruses, If unheralded American progressive punk/hardcore greats like Drowningman and Time In Malta were raised in squats run by the likes of Crass and The Vipers, the result would be the excellence of tracks like ‘Le Morte Noir’ and ‘Group Therapy’. A bright future indeed..

(stolen from halo of flies webstore)