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Sandspur City ‎– Sandspur City 7"

TracklistA1 The Ocean's That Way A2 Bricks In My Backpack B1 Sleep To Forget B2 Sounds Like Seam To Me


Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band* / Your Pest Band ‎– Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band / Your Pest Band

Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band* High & Drivin' –Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band* I-94 –Your Pest Band I Know Why –Your Pest ...

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Crow Bait ‎– Three Tickle Guys E.P.

TracklistTragic Fall Callin' Yer Bluff Dizzy Spells Outbound Breathing Days


Apocalypse Meow ‎– Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!

TracklistA1 Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats!Bats! A2 The Rain B1 The Going Gets Tuff B2 We Are The Whale


The Slow Death & The Raging Nathans ‎– Split 7"

TracklistA1 –The Slow Death (2) My Soul's Like A Buick A2 –The Slow Death (2) Nothing B1 –The Raging Nathans (This Is Not A Love Song) B2 –The ...


Super Chinchilla Rescue Mission - S/T CD

4 song ep, this is an ADD Recs classicSuperchinchillarescuemission by SUPERCHINCHILLARESCUEMISSION

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Watson - Killing Momentum CD

Tampa X Core members of Too Many Daves, Vaginasore jr, Decker, and Clairmel.Killing Momentum by WATSON

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Vena Cava - Weapons Of Mass Communication CDep

click the play button. no need to blabber in this spot right?Weapons Of Mass Communication by VENA CAVA

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Tricycle Farm - Everything's On Sale CD

CLICK PLAY!!Everything's On Sale by TRICYCLE FARM

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Vaginasore Jr. - S/T CD

Tampa punx ex- Clairmel and a Dave from Too Many DavesVaginasore Jr by VAGINASORE JR

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Infected - It's Been A Long Way Down CD

these guys dropped a 7" a few years ago on ADD well lemme tell you this new LP is leaps and bounds better than that was. totally new band fo...

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Various Artists - To Live And Die In Tampa Bay CD

Featuring: Clairmel, The Tim Version, The Dukes Of Hillsborough, Super Power Abuse, Arcade Inferno, Flat Stanley, The Rogue Set, Vaginsore Jr, Ches...

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Tim Version, The - Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band CD

TAMPA!!! PUNX!!!Still Have The Nerve To Call Ourselves A Band by THE TIM VERSION

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Pretty Boy Thorson & Lil' Happiness - I Ain't Gonna Beg 7"

two new jams from the ever evolving bands that Jesse is in. Jesse Thorson (Slow Death, Falling Angels, Legendary San Diego Chargers) is back with ...

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No Truth Lies - S/T CD

punk jams from the Tampa Bay Area.No Truth Lies by NO TRUTH LIES

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Rcade Inferno - This Gent's A Scoundrel CD

this band has a dave who is also in Too Many Daves. nuff said.The first time I heard Rcade Inferno was at a house party where Jeff Ott played acou...

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Madison Bloodbath - Gittin' Loose With CD

The debut full length release from Madison Bloodbath. This is the first full length for the band, but they have releases under their belt including...


Shit Creek - Psychic Hospital 7"

4 new songs from Ben Snakepit and friends. ex party garbage and shanghai river.Psychic Hospital by SHIT CREEK


Unfun / Muhammad Ali - Split 7"

Unfun recreate what it sounds to get the shit kicked out of you in a small bathroom by a really tight wizard. Pummeling relentless, and somehow mag...


CrashBangBoom - S/T 7"

6 songs from 3 of the 5 members of Too Many Daves.From the ashes of Arcade Inferno, and 1987 Motherfucker comes Dave Haberkorn's latest batch o...

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Dukes Of Hillsborough, The / Altaria - Split CD

Split CD with the Dukes and Altaira. 9 songs total including special guest vocals by Davey Tiltwheel on the last track.


Decker - Rekced LP

Dave Decker and some gainesville friends sat down in the studio with Rob McGregor and churned out this bad ass LP. You may remember Dave from Too ...

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King Friday - Everything Is Not Okay LP

Take a little part of every awesome Florida band and these guys have either been in it, or in the middle of it all for almost 2 decades now. Amazin...


Too Many Daves - Dawn Of The Daves 7"

You're forced to live in a world where getting awesome constantly goes wrong. The neon glow of your television set guides you to reality throug...

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Too Many Daves - Weekend At Daves CD

party time.....EXCELLENT!!! melodic punk jams that you wont be able to stop listening to!!!


Shit Creek - Lust For Brains 7"

6 new songs to follow up the 7"ep they just released on Dirt Cult Records. Members of Party Garbage, Shanghai River, and Dude Jams. rad ass ...

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Dukes of Hillsborough, The - Telling Time By Our Vices CD

Rough vocal punk mayhem from Tampa, FL members of lots of cool bands from around here.

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Dukes of Hillsborough, The - Generation Tinnitus CD

Have you ever thought of making love to a statue of Abraham Lincoln? Sweet love, not violent, shot-out-the-back-of-your-head love? In public? The D...

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Dukes of Hillsborough, The - Undefeated At Russian Roulette CD

1st full length for these Tampa punks.


Dukes of Hillsborough, The - If Only We Had Someplace to Go CD

The music: very similar to Hot Water Music. Definitely not a direct rip, but the similarities are startling. They can capture claustrophobic moment...