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Various ‎– Boozey Du Fest II

Tracklist1 –Wooderson Deluxe 2 –Harbour Faster 3 –Babies Three Guilt Free Youth 4 –Pudge (4) Fuckin' Yes Mate 5 –Calvinball Brighter Lights 6 –...


Dude Jams / Pure Graft ‎– Dude Jams / Pure Graft 7" Split

TracklistA1 –Dude Jams Putting The X In PUNX A2 –Dude Jams Songs About Dying B1 –Pure Graft Blatant Localism B2 –Pure Graft David Dimbleby

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Pudge - Chippy Tea CD

Pudge are a three piece Sheffield based pissed up pop-punk band Tea by Pudge

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Despite Everything / InXsane - Split 10"

InxSane are still going strong after being a band for 15 years. The heart and soul of the band is D.I.Y. attitude which is rooted somewhere deep in...


Too Many Daves - Dawn Of The Daves 7"

You're forced to live in a world where getting awesome constantly goes wrong. The neon glow of your television set guides you to reality throug...

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Unfun - Shallow Graves 7"

Don’t be fooled by the name, this band is a party…Fucked up, drug induced, hate filled, sludgey pop-punk from Vancouver, B.C given the ran-over-by ...


Dry Heaves - S/T Tape

1. What’s Happening2. In Too Deep3. Growth4. Self Indulgence5. My T.V 5 tracks of no frills all skills hardcore punk reminiscent of early Black Fla...

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Mayflower / Rumspringer / Calvinball / Dauntless Elite - Boozehounds Comp 7"

brand new songs from all bands. 2 from the USA and 2 from the UK. this 4 way kicks ass.UK import. clear blue vinyl. NOW OUT OF PRINTBoozehound...


Teen - Rebel Dopefiends CDep

Teen-Rebel Dopefiends:- Grimsby bred Leeds based 4 piece blues tinged punk band with rock and roll roots. debut release.Demonstration EP by Teen Re...


Lead The Way - And In Vengence We Strike CD

Lead The Way’s new album ‘And In Vengeance We Strike’ is a monstrous 40min onslaught of riff laden punk rock cited influences include Propaghandi, ...