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Yes Sensei - We Who Transplant, Sustain CD

The second Yes Sensei release is more of everything. More focused, dynamic, noisy, experimental, grooving, just more of the elements of Yes Sensei ...

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Yes Sensei - What I Do Best Is What I Do Worst CD

What I Do Best is What I Do Worst by Yes Sensei


The Only Ghost In Town - The Summer Was Over - Tape

Every release I do is an absolute labor of love but this release definitely holds a special place in my heart. The Only Ghost in Town is a solo pro...


Dude Japan - Demo Tape

Lo-fi indie rockers from Long Island, NY. Their 2009 Demo on Tape. Featuring 3 unreleased songs. Totally awesome Full-color artwork & color tap...


Fellow Project - Boots 7"

This one has been a long time in the making. Joe & Tia of Fellow Project have been long time friends of mine whose music has inspired me for ab...