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Capsule - No Ghost LP

No Ghost by Capsule


Pink Razors - First Degree 7"

Pink Razors might be pegged around their hometown of RVA as Dillinger Four Jr., but their new-ish 7", First Degree, should prove them to be ju...


Snacktruck - Spacial Findings 1 - 7 CD

Combining elements of prog, math rock and a lot more, Snacktruck have created a sound like none other in Richmond. Using two drummers to create a c...


Midwestern, The - S/T Cdep

The Chicago/St. Louis trio The Midwestern debut their first recording on this 4 song EP. The Midwestern play primarily instrumental math/indie rock...


Two Funerals, The - Boys Club LP

one of the peeps from Field Day. making a statement about the moral decline of basement d.i.y. Boy's Club by The Two Funerals


Amateur Party - Truncheons In The Manor LP

Truncheons in the Manor is the first Lp by Philadelphia's Amateur Party in 3 years and their first full length ever. The band recorded 10 track...

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Mouthbreather / Worn In Red - Split 7"

2 new songs from each band. last Mouthbreather studio songs.


Antlers - S/T CD

Debut Record by Richmond's Antlers. Antler's play primarily instrumental mathy indie stuff more to the tune of bands like Ghost and Vodka. ...


Brainworms - II: Swear To Me CD

Compulsively schemed from beginning to end, Brainsworms’ second full-length release, Swear To Me, insists your full attention. Opening strong, the ...


Brainworms - Which Is Worse CD

Out of control artcore from Richmond, VA. Powerful, incredibly smart, and dedicated to DIY ethics, Brainworms are making some the most compelling m...


Triple Twins / A Roman Holiday - Split 7"

The A-Side of this split features indie rock outfit A Roman Holiday. Their first contribution to this split is "Octopus." The song is a f...


Snacktruck - Special Findings 7" here's a song to check out. rock it the f out.Snack Truck- Spacial Findings 1-7 ...


Mouthbreather / Environmental Youth Crunch - Split 7"

new split from our friends. have a few on color vinyl!!!

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Field Day - Christian Television 7"

Field Day's debut 7", Christian Television is a three-song spate of lurching but easy-going math rock not far from the likes of Ghosts and...


Brainworms / Tubers - Split 7"

Brainworms seem to be the kings of split 7 inches as this is the band’s third in the span of a year now. This time the Richmond band teams up with...


Brainworms / The Catalyst - Split 7"

Brianworms is up first with two cuts. “Winnie Cooper” takes to the less caustic sound we heard on the band's previous release. The song is a lo...


Brainworms / Dynamite Arrows "Split" 7"

Richmond's Brainworms and Brooklyn's Dynamite Arrows team up together for this raging record. Brainworms bring forth 2 new songs recorded a...


Ultra Dolphins - Alien Baby LP

Years in the making Ultra Dolphins Alien Baby is finally seeing the light of the day. Recorded throughout 2009 by Steve Roche at Permanent Hearing ...


Brainworms - Which Is Worse? LP

Hairy, Richmond scene vets Brainworms play tuneful hardcore with the perfect balance of drive and technical stuff. I’m hearing the skronks and quir...


Brainworms - Swear To Me LP

After numerous splits, compilations, and tapes Brainworms have created Brainworms II: Swear To Me. Comprised of 10 tracks recorded by Steve Roach(P...