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Triple Twins / A Roman Holiday - Split 7" ROR 001

The A-Side of this split features indie rock outfit A Roman Holiday. Their first contribution to this split is "Octopus." The song is a fun and energetic indie rock tune that reminded me quite a bit of Cursive. "Apocolypse Part II," on the other hand takes to a more laid back approach. The first 30 seconds kind of turned me off, but then the song picks up its pace. The guitars are rather bouncy and the overall mood of the music is quite uppity, until the end of the song falls back into the mopey state that it began with. On the B-Side we get two songs from Triple Twins, a female fronted group. "Leaking Limbs" opens with just an acoustic guitar and some light drumming as front-woman Adrienne sings soft melodies. I was skeptical at first, but the song quickly changed its paced and had me enjoying what I was hearing. Unfortunately the song ends abruptly. There was so much potential there and I was rather disappointed. "Belated Birthdays" takes to the electric indie rock world ala Minus the Bear (minus all the fancy guitar-work); it's a good tune but just sounds like so much else I've heard before.