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Vacation Bible School - Unlucky CD

If Vacation Bible School was actually Punk Rock Camp and these three dudes ran a workshop called “Pop-Punk, Nihilism and You,” and spent as much ti...

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Chicax / He Who Corrupts - Split 7"

Two songs by Miss Chica X, our all-time favorite Quad Cities child noise-pop star and three songs by Hewhocorrupts, our favorite Chicago grind-pop ...

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Muzzler, The - Common Sense CD

The Muzzler’s debut full-length, Common Sense is a thrash-core record in every respect: Direct, fast, loud, and unforgiving. But while each song on...


Johnny Bodacious & The Bad Attitudes - From Here To Outerspace CD

From Here To Outer Space by Johnny Bodacious and the Bad Attitudes

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Heart Shaped Hate - Bitch, Plz CD

Two piece electro-punk band. Jenna and Natali. Spastic, sugar coated noise-pop songs about being eaten, being zombies, and being um… fashionable.

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Elephant Gun - Beartime Stories CD

Elephant Gun decided they needed 100 extra band members and shorter, poppier songs with latin circus music themes thrown in for good measure. They ...