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Chicax / He Who Corrupts - Split 7"

Two songs by Miss Chica X, our all-time favorite Quad Cities child noise-pop star and three songs by Hewhocorrupts, our favorite Chicago grind-pop ...


Elephant Gun - Beartime Stories CD

Elephant Gun decided they needed 100 extra band members and shorter, poppier songs with latin circus music themes thrown in for good measure. They ...


Heart Shaped Hate - Bitch, Plz CD

Two piece electro-punk band. Jenna and Natali. Spastic, sugar coated noise-pop songs about being eaten, being zombies, and being um… fashionable.


Johnny Bodacious & The Bad Attitudes - From Here To Outerspace CD

From Here To Outer Space by Johnny Bodacious and the Bad Attitudes


Muzzler, The - Common Sense CD

The Muzzler’s debut full-length, Common Sense is a thrash-core record in every respect: Direct, fast, loud, and unforgiving. But while each song on...

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Vacation Bible School - Unlucky CD

If Vacation Bible School was actually Punk Rock Camp and these three dudes ran a workshop called “Pop-Punk, Nihilism and You,” and spent as much ti...