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Ambition Mission - Discography CD

complete discography of this Chicago band that played East Bay inspired pop punk ala Crimpshrine/Fifteen, the Avengers or Hickey(the latter two ban...


Angel Eyes - And For A Roof A Sky Full OF Stars CDep

This is described on the site as "like the soundtrack to a time lapse film of the end of the world." whoa. scarier th...


Black Cross - Severance Pays LP

Black Cross finally return with their long awaited second full length, Severance Pays. On these ten songs they have focused their patented melodic-...


Capital - Givers/Takers LP

The third album from Long Island, NY's CAPITAL. It's 12 songs of diverse, modern hardcore. Like the previous albums, the songs are all over...

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Capital - Homefront LP

Without a proper touring regimen, it seems like Capital will forever live in infamy as one of Long Island, New York's best-kept secrets in melo...


Capital - Signal Corps LP

The Eastern seaboard has continuously provided a hotbed of influences from which to harvest for punk rock bands from Long Island. Notably it's ...

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Copyrights, The / The Methadones - Split LP

Six songs each from two of today's greatest bands together on one record. That makes for a dozen reasons why this is one of the best splits eve...


Explode & Make Up - S/T LP

Debut 6 song one sided LP - EP from Chicago's Explode and Make Up.Denis from 88 Fingers Louie, Jeff Dean from Four Star Alarm/the Bomb and Pete...


Few and the Proud - Stampede LP

Awesome Chicago hardcore kinda reminiscent of Slapshot mixed with Blacklisted and the Cro-Mags. The band that coined the phrase "we're mor...


Four Star Alarm - S/T 7"

This chicago band just released their debut CDEP on Thick Records. Includes a cover of SUGAR's "Tilted" and a new song recorded at Bl...


Fourth Rotor - Plain CD

Second full length brings the "loud angry weird band, combining odd timings, blues-like riffs, and textury, bass-centric arrangements" of...

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Get Rad - What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense LP

A 9 song one sided LP/EP from Milwaukee/Minneapolis's Get Rad Recorded with Shane from Call Me Lightning at Howl Street Studios. The band bring...

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Hallow, The / Love And Squalor - The Lost Epics of Dead Masters Split CD

Split release for these two great Chicago punk rock bands...the Hallow fall in more of a AFI meets A Wilhelm Scream soundandLove and Squalor fall i...


Haunted Life - The Dust Has Settled CD

The first proper release from Chicago's Haunted Life. This CDEP contains what is essentially their second five song demo with two unlisted trac...


Hellmouth / Explode & Make Up - Split 7"

2 bands, 2 songs each(1 original, 1 cover).In my opinion the split 7" in it's perfect presentation: a taste of each band by way of one ori...

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J-Church / Minority Blues Band - Split 7"

Yeah! the Iconic pop-punk band delivers a original song and a cover(Wire) and Minority Blues Band does the same(they cover the Newtown Neurotics). ...


J-Church / Sound on Sound - Split 7"

Another split for one of my favorites J Church! This time versus a Chicago band that we like a lot called Sound on Sound who are reminiscent of Mon...


Methadones, The - Career Objective LP

the Second full length from this Chicago power-pop punk band.This album features Matt from the Teen Idols on drums, but also features 2 songs not o...


Methadones, The - I Believe/Exit 17 7"

brand new 2 song 7" from the Methadonesa new song called "Exit 17" and a re-working of the song "I believe" that appeared ...


Mexican Cheerleader - Mexican Mystery Tour CD

Chicago's Punk-Classic Rock Kings are back with 8 new awesome songs to rock your face off.Think T.Rex and the Kinks mixed with 90's pop-pun...


My Big Beautiful - The Way Things Are CD

a highly, highly underrated release. One of the most ridiculously catchy pop punk records, well I guess least in my opinion! Super-catchy...


New Bruises - Goodbye Middle Class 7"

New Bruises return with a bang on this Underground Communique/Team Science. Featuring ex-members of Mid Carson July and The Holy Mountain, New Brui...


Olehole - Holemole LP

Resting raised fists on an arm chaired couch/Picture painted clear, we've got it all figured out.Holemole by Olehole


O Pioneers!!! / Andrew Jackson Jihad - Split TAPE

oh yeah, on an antiquated cassette tape. with a download card too! yellow, green or red tapes? does it matter? NERDS!!!split cassette by O Pione...


O Pioneers !!! - Black Mambas LP or CD

1st LP as a two piece....way different than Neon Creeps.Black Mambas by O Pioneers!!!


Report Suspicious Activity - Dreamland CD

Fronted by Vic Bondi, known for his work in ARTICLES OF FAITH, ALLOY & JONES VERY, brings the follow up to the debut full length on Alternative...


Rollo Tomasi - Work Slows Crush Foes CD

One of the fucking BEST Underground Communique releases that didn't quite get the notice it deserved. Great post hardcore ala Helmet with bette...

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Shot Baker - Awake LP or CD

This is the second pressing of Shot Baker's debut, but with a twist: It was totally re-recorded and has all new art! The band wasn't happy ...


Shot Baker / Serf Combat - Split 7"

Chicago vs. London! ...a co-release with London UK label "Home of the Brave Records" Each band has one original and one cover, and they e...

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Shot Baker - Time To Panic CDep

Time to Panic EP by Shot Baker