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Get Rad - What The Fuck Happened To Common Sense LP UCR 040

A 9 song one sided LP/EP from Milwaukee/Minneapolis's Get Rad

Recorded with Shane from Call Me Lightning at Howl Street Studios. The band brings what I believe as their best recorded material to date, a recording finally matching the power of seeing the band live.

...though Shane warned me that the upcoming second full LP on Hypperrealist/Gilead Media might be better than this...time will tell...well time and hearing the other songs.

Originally 3 of these songs were going to go on the Sweet Cobra split 7" but that idea is sidelined right now until Sweet Cobra finishes writing new songs. That split will definitely still happen, just not we decided to combine the whole recording session into one EP instead and solve the problem of having songs for a split and a separate 7" but no split band and no one to release a separate 7".

One dollar from this record will be donated to the Grind For Life Charity ( in Memoriam of our friend Mat Arluck from the band Sweet Cobra who recently passed away.