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Screaming Females - Singles CDep

A CDEP comprising all of their singles & split 7" tracks to date. Remastered and all on CD for the first time!

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Screaming Females - Baby Teeth CD

Debut album from Screaming Females, self recorded by the band and originally only available from them at shows.Baby Teeth by Screaming Females

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Pregnant - S/T 7"

The debut 7" from this Brooklyn trio featuring members of bands like For Science, Down In Flames, and The Banner but who draw influence from F...

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Shellshag - Rumors In Disguise LP or CD

Epic followup to Destroy Me I'm Yours. The band explains: “Most of the songs on the record are about hope and despair, love and survival, death...


Screaming Females - Castle Talk CD

Last year, Screaming Females toured relentlessly in support of their critically acclaimed third album Power Move. Their hard work landed them spots...

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Black Wine - Dark Energy 7"

Follow up 7" to last year's debut LP, one song with lead vocals by each band member. Feat. Jeff Schroeck (Ergs) on guitar, and Miranda Tay...


Noun - Holy Hell CD

With the band Screaming Females, Marissa Paternoster has been known to shred until her fingers bleed. But with her 5-year-old low-profile solo proj...

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Full Of Fancy - Liquid Nature CD

The new full length from Full Of Fancy! This CD also includes all of their previously vinyl-only singles and splits remastered. 22 songs in all!


For Science - Revenge For Hire CD

Out of New Brunswick, NJ come a group who knows how to take influence from bands like Screeching Weasel, The Ramones, Blink 182, and The Ergs witho...


Byrds Of Paradise - Teenage Symphonies LP

Teenage Symphonies Lp features 10 tracks of druggy, scuzzy, stomping pop music from Brooklyn-based Byrds Of Paradise! Must be something in the wate...

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Dustheads - Collected Sounds CD

15 track digipack CD including the Tall Tales LP and the Little Pieces LP. Super heavy songs reminiscent of Black Flag, Born Against, and Sunn 0)))!

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Ergs, The - Jersey's Best Prancers CD

do i really have to tell you about this band?

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Black Wine - S/T LP

Debut album from Jeff Schroek of The Ergs! and Miranda Taylor and J. Nixon of Hunchback. At times grungy, at times poppy, fans of Mudhoney, The Erg...