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Above Them / All Eyes West - Split 7"

new split from our friends over in the UK. red vinylSplit (JST-081) by All Eyes West/Above Them


Above Them - Blueprint For A Better Time LP

Taking cues from mid 90's emo luminaries such as Hot Water Music, The Loved Ones, Small Brown Bike, Jets to Brazil, and Braid, ABOVE THEM creat...


Anchor Arms - Milligrams 7"

Born from the ashes of bands whose names we've sworn never to utter, Anchor Arms was birthed unto the fine city of Gainesville in late 2007. Fe...

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Anchor Arms/Why I Hate - Split LP

Gainesville, Florida meets the East Bay, California! This is ANCHOR ARMS follow up to last years amazing Cold Blooded, and they contribute 7 amazin...

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Anchor, The S/T CD

It took me a couple of spins, but this is pretty alright. This album is straightforward, gruffy, pop punk of the melodic variety. One guy sounds li...


Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart - Split 7"

Since it only took them 4 years to get their full length out, Arms Aloft thought they'd go crazy and celebrate their new found prolific songwri...


Arteries, The - Dead Sea LP

Mint Green. ripping melodic punk rock from Swansea, UK They have a new split 7" with Static Radio NJ and another new split with The Arrivals...


Banner Pilot - Collapser LP

yep, this LP rips.

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Bloodbath & Beyond - Punk Planets 7"


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Blotto / Ringers - Split 7"

import split ep

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Bridge and Tunnel - S/T 7"

members of Fellow Project and stuff like that. tri state area punk.


Caseracer - S/T 7"

Co-release with Kat Kat Records ( Black / 200 Purple Haze1. Trickle Down 2. I’m Uh Fixing a Divot 3. The Blind Are Courageous ...

$8.00 - $12.00

Caves - Betterment LP/CD

Betterment by Caves


Caves - Collection CD

Debut CD release from Bristol's Caves. Compiling tracks from their (now out of print) self-titled debut 7”, their 4 way split 10” with Calvinba...

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Caves - Homeward Bound LP/CD

12 brand new tracks of raw, catchy and honest punk rock from Bristol's Caves. This record sees the band taking the best elements of their previ...

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Chillerton - Bleak Unison

One of the best kept secrets on the UK underground punk scene, Chillerton started life as the Jawbreaker-influenced side-project of the Rock Sound ...


Closet Fairies - Pop Science 7"

This the final release by Boston's Closet Fairies. This is two more pieces of garage influenced pop punk featuring members of Witches with Dick...

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Combat Wounded Veteran - I Know A Girl Who Develops Crime Scene Photos LP

Tampa, Florida grind/thrash/punk madness and chaos....totally fucking classicNineteen songs in nineteen minutes. Destroyed vocals.Destroyed drums. ...


CrashBangBoom - S/T 7"

6 songs from 3 of the 5 members of Too Many Daves.From the ashes of Arcade Inferno, and 1987 Motherfucker comes Dave Haberkorn's latest batch o...


Credentials / Steelhorse - Split 7"

final release from The Credentials, last 2 songs EVER! plus Tom was in that shitty band Witches With Dicks. Steelhorse i know nothing about.The ...


Credentials, The - Consolation Prize 7"

New pop punk band from Allston, MA. this band contains a member of Witches With Dicks. So come get some of these bad boys.Boston pop-punk in the ...


Credentials, The / Dead Uncles - Split

Split single with the longest song (and possibly best?) yet from each of these prolific road-worn East Coast D.I.Y. punk bands. Dead Uncles, from N...


Credentials, The - Goocher LP

Boston, MA’s THE CREDENTIALS 14-song LP “Goocher” is out now on 180 gram black vinyl. Comes with a 16-page newsprint booklet with lyrics, info, and...


Credentials, The - Routines CD

brand new power pop punk full length from these dudes!!! the drummer was in Witches With Dicks. so check this shit out. one dude is in Ridgemont....


Credentials, The - Routines LP

brand new power pop punk full length from these dudes!!! the drummer was in Witches With Dicks. so check this shit out.


Cunningham, Jeff - The Poems Stuck In My Teeth CD

First Full Length Album Jeff ever played on. Recorded when he was eighteen years old.Jeff Cunningham's debut solo release, "The Poems Stuc...


Cutman - Big Deal 7"

With propulsive rhythms, muscular guitar work and some of the most sincere and moving lyrics you'll ever hear, Gainesville, FL's CUTMAN cre...

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Dead To Me - African Elephants LP

African Elephants obliterates expectations and is one of those infrequent albums that will distinguish DEAD TO ME for the rest of their promising c...


Decker - Rekced LP

Dave Decker and some gainesville friends sat down in the studio with Rob McGregor and churned out this bad ass LP. You may remember Dave from Too ...


Devout - S/T 7"

4 new songs from these Tampa thrashers. Members of Criminal Culture and Static Radio NJcheck out one of the songs here!Job Well Done by Devout