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Old Flings / The Fake Boys - Split 7"

Two of my favorite bands, one slab o wax.Old Flings / The Fake Boys split 7" by Old Flings / The Fake Boys

$6.00 - $11.00

The Slow Death - No Heaven LP/CD

brand new 12" ep!!!No Heaven by THE SLOW DEATH


Flamingo 50 - Tear It Up LP

Do you like the band Caves? well Lou was/is in this band as well. you def need to nab this.

$8.00 - $12.00

Caves - Betterment LP/CD

Betterment by Caves


NO///Se - S/T LP

like uhmmm one dude was like in uhmmmmmm Young Livers?ИO///sé by ИO///sé

Out of Stock

Watson - Killing Momentum CD

Tampa X Core members of Too Many Daves, Vaginasore jr, Decker, and Clairmel.Killing Momentum by WATSON

Out of Stock

Vaginasore Jr. - S/T CD

Tampa punx ex- Clairmel and a Dave from Too Many DavesVaginasore Jr by VAGINASORE JR


Ink & Sweat - Demo TAPE

awesome silk screen foldy package with a sticker and insert.Ink and Sweat demo tape by Ink & Sweat


Late Bloomer - 4 Song Demo TAPE

demo tape features 4 songs and a digital download card. Features ex and current members of Nations, Obstruction, Meth Mtn., Pullman Strike, Horse T...


Fellow Project / Marine Electric - Split 7"

2 new songs and a FP cover from Marine Electric and 1 new song and a ME cover from Fellow Projectwe have clear green vinyl. limited edition yoyo m...


Late Bloomer - S/T LP

This band has progressed tremendously in the short time they have been a band. I say that even though they released a stellar demo tape earlier in ...


Old Flings - Spite LP

We are very excited about this release. This band has come a long way in their sound and from their inception as a way for Matt Evans (Just Die!) t...


Credentials / Steelhorse - Split 7"

final release from The Credentials, last 2 songs EVER! plus Tom was in that shitty band Witches With Dicks. Steelhorse i know nothing about.The ...

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On The Might Of Princes - Where You Are And Where You Want To Be CD

deluxe reissue. this shit is dope. one member is now in FELLOW PROJECT"Where You Are & Where You Want to Be" is the best 48 minutes...


Rcade Inferno - This Gent's A Scoundrel CD

this band has a dave who is also in Too Many Daves. nuff said.The first time I heard Rcade Inferno was at a house party where Jeff Ott played acou...

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Madison Bloodbath - Gittin' Loose With CD

The debut full length release from Madison Bloodbath. This is the first full length for the band, but they have releases under their belt including...


Strait A's, The - You Make A Better Door Than A Girlfriend CD

punk jams!You Make A Better Door Than A Girlfriend by The Strait A's


Manix, The - Stay Low And Go LP

finally this gets the vinyl treatment. this lp rips.


Vultures United - Girls 7" EP

6 cover songs. Limited to 500 copies. This won't be repressed. 200 on pink. 200 on purple. 100 on superior sounding black vinyl (it's true....


Above Them / All Eyes West - Split 7"

new split from our friends over in the UK. red vinylSplit (JST-081) by All Eyes West/Above Them

Out of Stock

Sundials - When I Couldn't Breath LP

this is one of the best lps to come out in 2012. get on it.grey color vinyl!!!When I Couldn't Breathe by Sundials


Arms Aloft / Leagues Apart - Split 7"

Since it only took them 4 years to get their full length out, Arms Aloft thought they'd go crazy and celebrate their new found prolific songwri...

Out of Stock

Timeshares / Dividers - Split 7"

Timeshares carry on where they left off from last years excellent debut LP "Bearable". Using their instantly recognisable vocal melodies ...

$4.00 - $8.00

Tiny Empires - sticker/pin pack

get a sticker, button and a screen printed patch. get weird.4.00 or add the split 7" with Tigers Jaw and get both for 8.00 SAVE A BUCK!we al...


Shit Creek - Psychic Hospital 7"

4 new songs from Ben Snakepit and friends. ex party garbage and shanghai river.Psychic Hospital by SHIT CREEK


Mayflower / Banquets - Split 7"

two newish songs from each band. assorted colors of vinyl. this is a ripper you dont wanna miss out on.


Mouthbreather / Worn In Red - Split 7"

2 new songs from each band. last Mouthbreather studio songs.


CrashBangBoom - S/T 7"

6 songs from 3 of the 5 members of Too Many Daves.From the ashes of Arcade Inferno, and 1987 Motherfucker comes Dave Haberkorn's latest batch o...


North Lincoln / The Gibbons - Split 7"

Five songs of melodic punk and state pride. Two new songs from North Lincoln and the final three songs from The Gibbons


Wormburner - S/T 7"

Wormburner is a four piece pop-punk band from Grand Rapids, MI who take a few cues from the gruffness of their other projects (North Lincoln, Traff...