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Bad Blood Revival - Tongue Twisting LP

However Bad Blood Revival is exactly that and has laid down a pretty awesome record in Tongue Twisting Tunes for Tiny Tots that is part of split re...


Basement Black - Recovery Stories and Worn Out Welcomes CD

Re-release of full-length CDR that was self-released by the band. Melodic, aggressive, political punk rock from Brooklyn, NY.Recovery Stories &...


Brass, The - S/T 7"

New 7" E.P. from this chaotic, melodic, indie/punk rock from Brooklyn, NY. (Ex- On the might of princes, Latterman, Splurge, & more.)

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CMR - Only A Sound, Never A Promise CD

Re-release of the bands' self-released full-length album. Somewhere between Fugazi and Refused, CMR blend an incredible epic style of punk rock...


Dead Broke Rekerds Comp VOL:3 Tape

1st press: Metallic Blue Tapes.2nd press: Purple + Black Tapes. 1. ADD/C- gas station roses 2. Tenement- Pauline* 3. Drunken Boat- poison whi...

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Down In The Dumps - Discography CD

Totally complete DOWN IN THE DUMPS discography on one jam-packed Cassette Tape or CDR. ALL the 7"s, B-Sides, Demos, Covers, Unreleased tracks,...

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Down In The Dumps - Dumps Luck LP

Y'all know Mike Dumps is In Iron Chic and Wax Phantom now, right? Get with the program he also does Dead Broke Rekerds!Dumps Luck sounds like ...


Dragonzord - Hole World 7"

Dominic Angelella comes from Philadelphia, PA. Dom is bursting with influences like Tom Waits, Mountain Goats, Bob Dylan & more, so the outcome...


Dude Japan - Demo Tape

Lo-fi indie rockers from Long Island, NY. Their 2009 Demo on Tape. Featuring 3 unreleased songs. Totally awesome Full-color artwork & color tap...


Everything Sucks - Taxes In Texas LP

Brand new Full-Length LP of melodic and furious hardcore/punk, from these Long Island natives. 9 songs of urgent, energetic punk rock with laces of...


Fellow Project - The Buried Life CD

full-length CD from this amazing Long Island punk/folk band. When I first heard this CD it blew me away.. Imagine a punk & indie rock Phil Ochs...


Fleshies - Brown Flag - Tape

San Francisco's FLESHIES have absolutely killed it with their new record! Defintely one of their best albums. So in honor of them ruling, here&...


Fuddy Duddys - Demo - Tape

Whiny, snotty, poppy as shit pop-punk achin’ to The Bananas from Boston, MA. We're releasing this demo recorded last year. FUDDY DUDDYS were: B...


Go Sell Drugs - American Hand Job CD

Full-length debut album from Brooklyn's own GSD. Raw, high-energy punk/hardcore rock & roll. Featuring members of: Four Deadly Questions, I...


Gypsy - 4 Song TAPE or CD

4 Song Cassette Tape of totally awesome killer lo-fi basement punk rock from members of: Shang-a-lang, Marked Men & Hidden Spots! Comes with do...


Halo Fauna - Durak LP

Members of Thousandaires, Get Bent, Potboiler, and Air Raid Barcelona. LP release of "Durak" by Buffalo/Brooklyn's Halo Fauna. Genui...


Iron Chic - Not Like This CD

all star line up in this MOFO, dudes from Down In The Dumps, Jonesin', Wax Phantom, Latterman, Basement Black, Get Bent and all yr NYC faves!! ...


Jack Palance Band - Get This Shit Under Way LP

ADD Records/Dead Broke PRESENT!Jack Palance Band play unfiltered punk rock for the drinkers and hard livers. NOW ON VINYL!!! for the 1st time EVER!


Jonesin! - Is Dead 7" Songs CD

Songs 1 and 2 from: Shang-A-Lang / Jonesin' Split 7" (Dead Broke/Dirt Cult) Songs 3 and 4 from: Jonesin' / Dude Jams Split 7” (Dirt Cu...


Jonesin' / Shang-A-Lang - Split 7"

Jonesin is the new down in the dumps!! They play fun, uptempo, raw as hell pop punk that sounds like green day going through a meat grinder. Shang ...


Landlord - S/T 7"

7" E.P. of 4 new songs from Bloomington, IL.'s LANDLORD! A Fuzzed-out, super poppy blend of pop-punk,grunge & indie rock, think Dinosa...


Low Culture - S/T 7"

In late 2011, when it was clear that Shang-A-Lang was ending because Andy was moving to Idaho and Total Jock (a short lived hardcore project) was o...


Onion Flavored Rings - Unraveling The Past - Tape

Both Onion Flavored Rings full-length albums on a pressed Cassette Tape! The "Used to It" LP on the A Side & "Two Minutes' E...


Potboiler - Rolling Boil - Tape

Re-issue of the out-of-print Discography! Melodic & quirky basement pop-punk/indie rock from Upstate/Brooklyn, NY. 11 song collection featuring...


Sandworms - It's A Fucking Demo - Tape

Cassette Tape release of Sandworms' 2009 Demo of awesome rock & roll, pop-punk rock that rules! Think 50's style rock, surf-rock, and t...


Shang-A-Lang - Sad Magic LP

Take the recordings of Sexy and Weird Love makers, and feelings of summertime that never grow old, put them in a blender and that kinda gets you cl...

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Sister Kisser - S/T - Tape

Heartfelt & melodic punk rock from Long Island, N.Y. chock full of energy and urgency, Sister Kisser reminds of us how powerful & strong a ...

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Sister Kisser - Vipers CD

SISTER KISSER hail from the suburbs of Long Island, NY. With their newest debut full-length LP/CD, "Vipers", they have truly branded thei...


Sister Kisser - Vipers LP

SISTER KISSER hail from the suburbs of Long Island, NY. With their newest debut full-length LP/CD, "Vipers", they have truly branded thei...


Stay Clean Jolene ‎– Stay Clean Jolene LP

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