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The Serious Geniuses / Jean Claude Jam Band ‎– Split

A1 –The Serious Geniuses Marc AttackBand [The Serious Geniuses] – Dan*, Josh*, Nip*, Paul*Recorded By – Jay*A2 –The Serious Geniuses HoffstraBand [...

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Tiny Empires "Weird Headspace" LP / CD

Tiny Empires’ Weird Headspace exists at the peak of sheer volume and progressive melodies. Recorded at Black Bear Studio in Gainesville, Florida, t...


Resolutions - S/T 7"

Hannover Germany PunkPlaying Shows, Releasing Records, Driving PlacesFür Fans von Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, und Dillinger Four, sehr gute!Re...


Old Flings / Late Bloomer - Split 7"

some of the best new bands from the bible belt.Old Flings / Late Bloomer - Split 7" by Kiss Of Death Records

$0.00 - $10.00

Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels - An Uneasy Peace LP/CD

After some fond farewells and a quiet moment, Pretty Boy Thorson returns for their third full length album, "An Uneasy Peace," featuring ...

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Tiny Empires - S/T 7"

A couple of songs to tide people over until the anticipated full length release early next year. Comprised of members from O Pioneers! and New Bru...

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The New Lows - I Couldn't Sleep LP/CD

Old school Orlando dudes from 90's band Shyster killing it with this JAM!I Couldn't Sleep by The New Lows

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Pale Angels - Primal Play LP/CD

Primal Play is the first album from grungey transatlantic punks Pale Angels. With inspirations ranging from the Ramones to the sounds of 90s Seattl...


Rations - Martyrs And Prisoners 7"

6 brand new song from our NYC friends"Martyrs and Prisoners" 7" by Rations


Ink & Sweat / Caseracer - Split 7"

We met Ink & Sweat when we were on tour in Tampa. We were like, "Yo, you rule. Would you wanna do a split with us?" And they said yes...


Sundials / Tatlins Towers - Split 7"

two brand new jams from Sundials (RVA) following up the new LP they just released with Asian Man records. they brought some friends along to joi...

$0.00 - $4.00

Feral Babies / Chemical Ache - Split 7"

Feral Babies: short, fast and sweet. super melodic and thrashy fast hxc. RIYL:OFF!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and the like. members of: New Bruise...

$0.00 - $10.00

Arteries - Restless LP

6 new song on a one sided LP with a sick etching on the b side. co released with Specialist Subject Records (UK) ltd to 666 hand numbered copies...

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Plow United - Act Like It b/w Little Bit Of Hatred 7"

first new release in over a decade!Pre-order your copy today! "Act Like It" b/w "Little Bit of Hatred" Recorded and Mixed by Da...

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Arms Aloft - Sawdust City LP or CD

ARMS ALOFT formed in 2007 in their hometown of Eau Claire, Wisconsin; a logging town-turned interstate exit between Minneapolis and Chicago. They w...

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Bangers - Good Livin' 7"

New e.p from Bangers, 4 tracks of catchy raw pop punk! Artwork from Jamie Morrison (The Arteries). Good Livin' e.p by bangersThis is a split re...

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Criminal Culture / Rubrics - Split 7"

Crim Cult is a crucial punk rock band Tampa FL.....Rubrics is a radical punk rock band from Greenville, SC......Download from iTunes here! Criminal...

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New Bruises - Chock Full Of Misery LP

The entire record is online to check out now... STREAM "Chock Full Of Misery" here! Co-Release with NO IDEA RecordsChock Full of Misery,...

$0.00 - $4.00

Big Mike - Somewhere, Sometime 7"

Big Mike, like all suburban houses and children wear their decay on the inside behind sturdy frames and weird inviting smiles. You have only but to...

$0.00 - $4.00

Mayflower / Jeff Rowe - Split 7"

1 new song from both bands and then they each do a cover of each others jams. cover screened and designed by Teddy from Mayflower. all numbered a...

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Above Them - Are We A Danger To Ourselves? LP / Digital Download

IF YOU LIVE IN EUROPE OR THE UNITED KINGDOM PLEASE ORDER FROM YOYO RECORDS.~~~We have a limited amount of the colored vinyl (European Version) that...

$0.00 - $10.00

Houseboat - The Thorns Of Life LP / CD /Digital Download

dudes from steinways and ergs making a pop punk masterpiece to rip yr ears apart with sweetness. clear orange with black smoke going to all the pre...

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The Future Now - Hangman/The Runaway 7" / Digital Download

+Instant Download included with Order+Gainesville's The Future Now return with a triumphant follow-up to last year's "Hazy Orange Sund...

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Timeshares - Bearable LP or CD

2ND PRESSING NOW IN STOCK!!~Free Digital Download is available at If You Make It ~To portray Timeshares as anything more than four friends from dow...

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Senders - Lucidity/Lividity LP / Digital Download

Pioneering the "stoner - emo" genre this foursome from Gainesville, Florida bring heavy riffs with a heaping helping of melody in the vei...

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The Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse CD / Digital Download

+ Rarest Vinyl Colors are on a First Come First Serve Basis +~Digital Download is FREE (Suggested Donation $5 - $10) ~Drawing on Cock Sparrer'...


The Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse Digital Download

Drawing on Cock Sparrer's working class anthems, the Lemonheads sometimes rollicking/sometimes somber vibe, and the East Bay pop punk fury of C...

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Static Radio NJ - We Are All Beasts LP / Digital Download

~Digital Download is FREE (Suggested Donation $5 - $10) ~With their newest album, "We Are All Beasts," Static Radio NJ have found a home...

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Ridgemont - Colder Days LP / Digital Download

In less than 2 short years, Allston, Massachusetts' Ridgemont have managed to release a demo, the "Documented Failures" EP, a special...

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Vultures United - To Live And Die In Gainesville 7" / Digital Download

Despite the fact that their first release as Vultures United wasn't released until 2008, the core of this band has been kicking out excellent h...