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Tiny Empires "Weird Headspace" LP / CD NULL 001

Tiny Empires’ Weird Headspace exists at the peak of sheer volume and progressive melodies. Recorded at Black Bear Studio in Gainesville, Florida, this debut full-length possesses all the grit of the city’s storied punk past but isn’t held back by its rules and regulations – songs like opener “Wide Open Spaces” make their home somewhere between Joy Division and Archers of Loaf and a colossal wall of sound, while “Just Imagine” rips like the best of the Constantines back catalog. It’s an album that demands an immediate second spin, with every song densely packed with ideas and twists, subtle melodic movements and rhythmic palpitations. Anchored by longtime friends and former members of O Pioneers!!! and New Bruises, there is an instant familiarity to the album’s inventive instrumentation that frees the band to explore newer, weirder headspaces.