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Metroplex - Decade Diary 2xLP

The long overdue sophomore full-length effort from this Philly three-piece. 12 songs of post-hardcore and power rock that draws its influences from...

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Belvedere - S/T 2XLP

This record is 10 years in the making! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of 'Twas Hell Said Former Child and the upcoming reunion...

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Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats The Tape LP

Finally! The wait is over! Belvedere's fourth and arguably their best full-length available for the first time ever on vinyl! This is a three l...

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Despite Everything / InXsane - Split 10"

InxSane are still going strong after being a band for 15 years. The heart and soul of the band is D.I.Y. attitude which is rooted somewhere deep in...

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MXPX - Plans Within Plans LP

The ninth full-length release from Bremerton's native sons, we're super excited to be able to work with the band on this project. Thirteen ...

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Crucial Dudes - 61 Penn LP

he debut release from South Jersey's pop-punk dudes, or as we affectionately call them around these parts, The Crudes. Ten songs of infectious,...


Broadcaster - Tightrope Walker 7"

Picking up where Joyride left off, Broadcaster enlisted the help of J. Robbins at Magpie Cage to record the three tracks on this seven inch/digital...

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Noise By Numbers - Over Leavitt LP

The sophomore release from this Chicago four-piece, Over Leavitt is 11 tracks of 90's influence punk rock that has drawn comparisons to bands l...

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Above Them / All Eyes West - Split 7"

new split from our friends over in the UK. red vinylSplit (JST-081) by All Eyes West/Above Them

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Jena Berlin - Quo Vadiums LP

Jena Berlin's sophomore effort now available on limited edition white vinyl (first pressing is of 500 and a dual release with our buddies over ...

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Horace Pinker - Local State Inertia LP

Sometimes you have an opportunity to work with a band that's been in the game for a long time. Horace Pinker has been releasing records, tourin...

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Astpai - Efforts And Means LP

Progressing from their previous LP, 2010's Heart to Grow, the 11 tracks on Efforts & Means clearly show that Astpai create heartfelt, since...