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Various Artists - Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters CD

Swingin’ Utters had been a band for just over 21 years when we first began putting this tribute together for the beloved streetpunk heroes. Before ...


Sidekicks, The - Weight Of Air CD

This latest effort from The Sidekicks is a real product of their environment and the vibrant underground music scene around them in Northern Ohio. ...


Sidekicks, The - So Long Soggy Dog CD

These four teenagers from Cleveland are one of the most promising things to come outta Ohio since Play-Doh. No kidding, that stuff is from Ohio! Th...


Reaganomics, The - Lower The Bar CD

A couple years ago the members of the beloved metal-punk trio, Ryan's Hope (Punknews Records/Epitaph), wanted to fuck off and play some fun, un...


Menzingers, The - Chamberlain Waits CD

After releasing an especially lauded EP and touring much of 2009, The Menzingers have been dubbed a "Band You Need To Know" in 2010 by Al...

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Lillingtons, The - Death By Television CD

Originally issued on Lookout Records in 1999, the Lillingtons' pop-punk classic Death by Television has been remastered by Mass Giorgini (who p...

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Heat Tape, The - Raccoon Valley Recordings CD

The Heat Tape are straight outta Makanda, Illinois (pop. 419) and their debut record, "Raccoon Valley Recordings", takes it's name fr...

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Enemy You - Stories Never Told CD

Enemy You first debuted on the four-way split dubbed "Four On The Floor" alongside bands Screeching Weasel, Teen Idols, and Moral Crux. A...

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Druglords Of The Avenue - Sing Songs CD

Fronted by Johnny Peebucks of the Swingin' Utters, this debut full length is a dynamic blast of traditional punk rock from the streets of San F...

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Copyrights, The - Learn The Hard Way CD

Illinois' young Copyrights have hit a prolific streak of creativity as of late. Two records in as many years for Red Scare, and we couldn't...

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Copyrights, The - Make Sound CD

After two full lengths, a buncha 7"s, and tours aplenty, these kids are ready to step up their game. The people over at MRR went as far as to ...


Vultures United - Savages CD

full length rager from these cali dude brahs!!!


Vultures United - Savages LP

SoCal's Vultures United were first described to us as the "most terrifying band around", but as it turns out, they're pretty nice...