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The Future Now - Hangman/The Runaway 7" / Digital Download KOD 079

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Gainesville's The Future Now return with a triumphant follow-up to last year's "Hazy Orange Sunday" with two songs that delve further into 90's alt-rock worship while adding a jarring heaviness to their sound. On the A side, "Hangman" navigates the shadows between "Bleach" and "Nevermind" with a thick, aggressive lead, while the B side offers a mellower and melodic number reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr or The Lemonheads.

Co-released with Sound Study Recordings

Pressing Information

Release Date: October 25th, 2011

Track Listing:
1. Hangman
2. The Runaway

1st Pressing: 500 copies on swirly black vinyl