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Static Radio NJ - We Are All Beasts LP / Digital Download KOD 075

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With their newest album, "We Are All Beasts," Static Radio NJ have found a home at Florida's Kiss of Death Records and the album showcases the maturation of a band that has been playing together for nearly a decade. Originally started as a way to emulate and idolize the bands they grew up stage-diving to, Static Radio NJ have struck out on their own path and created their own sound. They are straightforward punk tunes but the hints of their beloved New Jersey predecessors and the sometimes outright Nirvana worship create a mixed and colorful bag of fresh material that isn't afraid to be a little bit different.

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Released: September 27th 2011

1. Favorite Name
2. Kill The Harmony
3. Addict
4. Last Year
5. Some Kind Of Something
6. I Might Kill
7. Geeks
8. Violent, You
9. Between Hello and Goodbye
10. Lemon
11. Just Kids
12. Incestuous Friends