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Big Mike - Somewhere, Sometime 7" KOD 083

Big Mike, like all suburban houses and children wear their decay on the inside behind sturdy frames and weird inviting smiles. You have only but to listen to this release to peer through the window of one such house. You might see kids dressed like superheroes opening Christmas gifts, you might see the pain of a real family, and you might see a huge dog. Either way this sincere collection of modern hymnals drenched in everything from 50’s glitter, to 60-70’s pop, to whatever unmistakable weirdness the 90’s had, soars like a last original voice in a world where mediocrity has finally been accepted as a destiny not a side street. This is another great example of why kids should be given guitars and maybe drugs to deal with the realities of their lives.
-Jeff "the naked chalice" Roger

4 new songs from MIke Santostefano aka the singer from Static Radio NJ
The Digital version also includes a 5th song - Sweet Friend

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Released 5/29/12

01 Why Are We Talking
02 Keep Smokin
03 Hey There Paula
04 Somewhere, Sometime
05 Sweet Friends (Digital Only)

Pressing Info:
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