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The Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse Digital Download KOD 069

Drawing on Cock Sparrer's working class anthems, the Lemonheads sometimes rollicking/sometimes somber vibe, and the East Bay pop punk fury of Crimpshrine, The Slow Death have carved out their own niche of melodic punk. Frontman Jesse Thorson and longtime collaborators Dave Strait and Johnny C recruited the help of drummer Mikey Erg and guest bass appearance by Dillinger Four's Paddy Costello to create the foundation for this monumental recording. If that does not sound like enough, they also enlisted The Soviette's Annie Sparrows, Dear Landlord's Zack Gontard and members of Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angel's to put the sparkling touches on this killer record full of rowdy, gruff, 90's nostalgic pop punk. Simply amazing!

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Pressing Information

Release Date: 10/4/11

1. Ticks of the Clock
2. Song 1 Side A
3. Phantom Limbs
4. Out of View
5. Stay High
6. We Got It All
7. Fuck You Nighthawk
8. Sorry Sam
9. Opposite of Jesse's Girl
10. Sleeping Somewhere Else
11. Dirty Jokes
12. Trouble Blues

1st Pressing: 500+/- LPs
200 Mixed Color (Breakdown TBA), 200 Black, 100 Mixed (# /100 for tour and available only from the band)