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Pretty Boy Thorson & The Falling Angels - An Uneasy Peace LP/CD KOD 095

After some fond farewells and a quiet moment, Pretty Boy Thorson returns for their third full length album, "An Uneasy Peace," featuring the same formula of old friends and bad habits they've been using for the last eight years.

1. I Don't Think I'm Gonna Make It
2. I'm Tired
3. Basements and Barstools
4. Don't Call Me Anymore
5. Blameless
6. Shasta Lake
7. Get Along
8. I'll Be Down In A Bit
9. New #3
10. You're Not The One
11. Me Too Dwight
12. I Love You Even More

Pressing Information

1st Pressing
3 clear gold w/sunburst
97 clear gold
400 +/- mixed color marble.