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Feral Babies / Chemical Ache - Split 7" KOD 089

Feral Babies: short, fast and sweet. super melodic and thrashy fast hxc. RIYL:OFF!, Circle Jerks, Black Flag and the like. members of: New Bruises, Faith Addiction, Ink & Sweat, Inj/Sys, Gatorbait.

Chem/Ache - members of Vrgns, Gatorface, New Mexican Disaster Squad, No Friends and How Dare You! RIYL: all those bands.

Tampa Vs. Orlando. HxC throwdown. GO! purchase includes instant digital copy.

Pressing Information

Track Listing:

Feral Babies:
1. Next Week
2. Suburban Rage
3. Paralyzer
4. Dirty Needles
5. Partners In Self Destruction

Chemical Ache:
1. Medicated Kids
2. Eaten Sheep
3. Rifting

1st pressing:
210 violet/pink mix
122 grey/purple mix
89 blue/grey mix
40 midnight oil