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Hellmouth / Explode & Make Up - Split 7" UCR 039

2 bands, 2 songs each(1 original, 1 cover).

In my opinion the split 7" in it's perfect presentation: a taste of each band by way of one original and raging cover song. Over the years I learned soooo much about old bands from splits just like this.
An introduction to a new band or two and then a history lesson that added to the frenzy of learning the who influenced who and what band broke up and where the members went to after that, the everlasting family tree of punk rock.

This time around Explode and Make Up and Hellmouth, both newer bands from Chicago and Detroit, respectively, present (both) their second official release!

the A Side kicks off with Hellmouth's "Tragedy of a City" and pretty much raises the bar from their fantastic full length on Ferret, another walloping soundtrack to the apocalypse type song...followed up by the most urgent rendition of Agent Orange's classic "Blood Stains" that I've ever heard!

Side B delivers Explode and Make Up with one of their very first songs, finally recorded called "Reel Around the Rumor Mill" another smack of speedy Dag Nasty inspired hardcore. EAMU's cover song is a monster called "Crystal" originally from the Husker Du album 'Candy Apple Grey' ...and this song has also been a live staple since their very first show, more rocked out than the original too!

Comes with a download card!

Pressing Information

black /110
green /160
purple /160