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Snacktruck - Special Findings 7" ROR 010 here's a song to check out. rock it the f out.

Snack Truck- Spacial Findings 1-7 (Rorschach Rec)

Featuring members of VCR, Brainworms and Ultra Dolphin, the instrumental sensation from Richmond, VA known as Snacktruck dropped their recent disc on November 3. Consisting of 2 drummers, a guitarist and bassist, these RVA heavyweights continue to produce their unique brand of math and prog rock, heavy on the percussion and hypnotic with their rhythms. Spatial Findings 1-7 contains their 1-4 EP, plus 3 additional unreleased songs from the same session.

I'm the first person to admit that instrumental music rarely holds my attention. Mogwai and Explosions In The Sky may be incredibly talented bands, but their music always relegated itself to background noise at best. Snack Truck are a bit different though; with their layered sounds and genre skipping from prog, rock, punk, metal, grunge and experimental, these guys make enough interesting sounds in unpredictable patterns that remain intriguing despite the lack of a voicebox.

A quick listen, this has a very full sound with pulsating, jagged rhythms and proficient, calculated songwriting. Sometimes reminding me of a soundtrack to a futuristic movie, this easily surpasses any instrumental record i've ever listened to; it's dynamic, hard hitting and weaves in and out of dark places, keeping the listener engaged from beginning to end.

For fans of: Don Caballero, Blame Game, Trans Am, Russian Circles

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on black vinyl