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Brainworms / Tubers - Split 7" ROR 009

Brainworms seem to be the kings of split 7 inches as this is the band’s third in the span of a year now. This time the Richmond band teams up with St, Augustine, Florida’s Tubers. Brainworms let loose two tracks here. “Jays Big Date” is trademark Brainworms and sees the debut of Josh Small on guitar with the band. Probably best known as Tim Barry’s touring guitarist, Small’s inventive playing can only enhance Brainworms’ crazed punk rock nuggets. The second track is a surprisingly straight-ahead live cover of Rites of Spring’s “For Want Of” which of course is a classic. For a live recording it sounds pretty amazing.

Next up we have Tubers who are able to fit in four short ditties on their side. Members of Tubers have done time in notable Florida bands like Twelve Hour Turn (an amazing band!), Solid Pony, and Environmental Youth Crunch. While not as spastic as some of their past bands, Tubers still find aggression in a more straight forward approach. But, screamy vocals still appear and add a cool dimension to the band’s solid backbone. This is my first real introduction to the band and I am impressed. Tubers finish it off with a great old school Lemonheads cover of “Glad I Don’t Know” from the band’s album, Lick.

And the Brainworms awesome split seven inch streak continues.