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Brainworms - II: Swear To Me CD ROR 012

Compulsively schemed from beginning to end, Brainsworms’ second full-length release, Swear To Me, insists your full attention. Opening strong, the persistent vocals invade the decadently melodic “Let’s Be Honest”, “Jay’s Big Date” and “Half a Life”, then recede graciously for the first of two instrumental intermissions.

Sandwiched between the lyricless pieces lies an epic triumvirate. “Which Words” flays with transcendently schizophrenic changes in tone, destroying your preconceptions in preparation for the highlight of the album, “Ropes Course”. “Whatever That’s How You Get Famous” follows assertively; however, with a spoken word rant set to increasingly convulsive chaos, the peak of the album’s intelligent fun. The second lyrical break, “The Pinnacle of Storytelling” gives you only a moment of feverishly melodic relaxation.

The album ends in a fashion reminiscent of the beginning, with “Lottery Balls” and “Take Your Medicine” rounding out the album impeccably by barking out Brainworms’ brutal roots and intentions. Technically marvelous and lyrically stellar, Swear To Me earns your time. Put it on, turn it up and pay attention. - Bobby Pembleton