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Accelerators - Fuel For The Fire LP AIV 016 / SLD 047 / SKR 039 / TE 004

Three years after releasing their self titled debut album (a true scorcher leaving it’s burn mark on the collective mind of punk rockers all over Europe) ACCELERATORS from Rotterdam, The Netherlands bring you their sophomore long playing effort, Fuel For The Fire.

Taking the full on power (and then some) of their debut and adding layer after layer of sizzling guitar and blazing vocal arrangements (a time consuming procedure and the luxury one has when Europe’s finest pop punk producer, Simon “Speechless” Baken, is your guitarist),
Fuel For The Fire gives you urgency, catchiness and dynamics seldom heard in punk (or for that matter any other type of) rock. It’s eleven brand new originals
and a cover of Cheap Trick’s Southern Girls.

The mixing of Fuel For The Fire was done in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Jacques Waits, best known for producing records of bands like Off With Their Heads, Banner Pilot and Dear Landlord.

Pressing Information

500 black vinyl