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Anchor Down - Steel To Dust LP SR 007

It is not very often that I come across an album that I just can’t stop listening to. Sure, there are times where I pick something up and it will occupy my time for a few days…but Portland based Anchor Down’s new EP Steel to Dust has been on almost nonstop rotation ever since guitarist/vocalist Lucas Andrews dropped it into my hands last weekend. And for good reason, too…This EP is just plain amazing! .

Anchor Down are the culmination of many years of musical development. Although only together about a year, each member of the band has vast experience in music…when they all came together, it just clicked. 3/4 Portland, 1/4 Seattle, this four-piece brings a double axed attack with intricate guitar solos, dueling raspy and harmonious vocals, and it is all anchored by a strong rhythm section. This is what melodic punk is meant to be. .

Although reminiscent of many bands that have come before them, Anchor Down seems to take a little bit from many different influences to from a sound all their own. Having already drawn comparisons to the likes of Alkaline Trio, American Steel, and the Lawrence Arms, this debut EP picks up where Dillinger Four’s C I V I L W A R left off in the lexicon of punk rock releases, combining driving guitars with melodious punk hooks and lyrics dripping with self-analyzation. In short, the EP is near perfect…Here are a few tracks for your enjoyment: .