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VRGNS - Manimals CD KOD 060

This Orlando, FL based band's second full-length for Kiss of Death features bigger, louder production (while still retaining its charming "rough-around-the-edges" quality), more dynamic song writing and a vicious cynical voice. The record ebbs and flows with a distinct 70's and 80's punk sound. Sometimes bouncy, sometimes raging and always catchy, "Manimals" will lull you into a sugary submission before kicking your teeth into the back of your throat. While influenced by the likes of the Damned, Adolescents, and more old school favorites, this isn't a throwback record by any means. It's a progressive take on modern punk rock song writing that gives a curt nod of respect to the ones that paved the way, while still branching out into dangerous territory. "Manimals" is a record that pulls no punches lyrically and keeps the listener on their toes musically.

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