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Monikers - Eat Your Young CD KOD 002

"EAT YOUR YOUNG" 7 inch & CDep

This is the first EP from these Floridian gritty pop-punk hook-meisters. Often thought of as a southern JAWBREAKER or CRIMPSHRINE for all the right reasons. Ryan used to be in DISCOUNT and Monikers was started in a vain attempt to recapture his lost youth, but now he mostly just makes snide comments to everyone he meets for no good reason.
"This release should cement the bands place as a pop-punk legends due to the bands gritty vocals and cynical lyrics. I mean anything can happen" -- a friend of the band

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Pressing Information

CDep Released JUNE '06 & 7 inch Released JUNE '07

1. Mirror Images
2. Holiday
3. Two Stories
4. Information
5. Not The New

* Please Note - CDep & Vinyl Have Different Track Order

Pressing Info:

1st Pressing โ€“ 520 7 inches (107 โ€“ Gray, 107 Gray/Black, and 306 Black)
2000 cds