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Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience LP/CD KOD 019

Mouthbreather's first full length record, captured by Chris Owens (LORDS), is a slice of punk played with a chip on its shoulder. Raw and stripped down, the songs are unrelenting attacks similar to members' past groups WOW, OWLS! and THE SETUP but still maintaining a new musical identity, keeping Richmond's punk and hardcore roots in mind. By no means is this album the safe and comforting punk that you would find in a local suburban mall, but it is a loose extension of the angst of bands like Black Flag with songs that give a sarcastic, and at times jaded, look at the scene and life.

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Pressing Information

LP Released SEPT '08 & CD Released OCT '08

1. The Night That Richmond Died
2. Daily Bread
3. Dropping Cylinders
4. I Don't Work In Restaurants For The Food
5. When A Chemist Dies, Barium
6. The Nazarene
7. Best Of Seven
8. Girth Of A Nation
9. From The Year Six Million
10. Revolution Bummer
11. The Music, The Merchandise*

*LP Only Track

Pressing Info:

1st Pressing - 315 +/- LPs -CLEAR (35 +/- LPs Lost in Shipping)

2nd Pressing - 150 +/- LPS - BLACK

**50 Test Presses for Limited Tour Edition

hand made cover for the last 50 we had without covers.