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Guiltmaker - Dilemmas LP/CD KOD 029

Members of old Tampa hardcore bands such as Reversal Of Man, Combat Wounded Veteran and Early Grace. Awesome rock in the vein of Engine Down, Harem, Further Seems Forever, and touch of Quicksand.
Like a phoenix, Guiltmaker rose from the ashes of some of Florida’s most notorious hardcore bands (Reversal of Man, Combatwoundedveteran, Early Grace), and successfully incorporates just a tad of their hardcore pasts into a promising present. It is hard to discuss Guiltmaker without bringing up their hardcore roots, but it really is a cop-out to classify them as just another post-hardcore band.“The album is beautiful and epic at times, the way a really, really good post-hardcore album should be, if I were to consider this a post-hardcore album. Which I don’t.” Meaning that if you were a hardcore kid in the ’90s, you will love Guiltmaker because their music grew the same way your musical tastes did. If you weren’t a ’90s hardcore kid, you will still like Guiltmaker because they are simply grand. (creative loafing/reax)

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Pressing Information

Release Date: Sept '09

Track Listing:
1. Convocation
2. Falling Down
3. Lost Ship
4. Hold Back The Gravity
5. The Vengeance
6. Battle Mountain
7. Life Given Switch
8. Thirty Days
9. Hemispheres
10. The Departure
11. Dilemmas

1st Pressing - 556
130 Clear Red
80 White
346 Black