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New Bruises - Better Enough - A Collection: 2006 - 2010 CD or DD KOD 50.5

A teaser to get you stoked for the soon to be released and long awaited full length from NEW BRUISES "Chock Full Of Misery"

The songs on this collection are from various seven inches over the past five years, including:
Split w/ the Measure(sa) - Kiss Of Death
Split w/ Offshore Radio - Yo Yo Records
Split w/ O Pioneers!!! - Suburban Home
Split w/ Stolen Bikes Ride Faster - Kiss Of Death
Goodbye Middle Class EP - Underground Communique/Team Science

Please Feel free to download the collection of 320kbps mp3s
Most of the 7"s are still available from the online store

Or get all the NEW BRUISES catalog for (all the 7"s listed above plus the w/ The Amistad and "Transmit! Transmit!" CD for $20

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