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Knockdown, The - Test/Retest CD KOD 026

A melodic hardcore punk rock band from Upstate New York. They have toured up and down the east coast, released various demos. Get rad and check it out. Featuring the ever infamous Vic of Death (of Kiss of Death Intern Fame)

For fans of Polar Bear Club, Marathon, and Silent Majority

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Pressing Information

Release Date: AUG '08

Track Listing:
1. A Jose Caseco Bat?
2. Shit Went Down in the Italian Kitchen
3. Squirrelaholic
4. Whats the Point? It Never Goes Anywhere!
5. Welcome to the Desmond
6. Rocket Powered Rodeo Ride to Oblivion
7. Criminy Alice, What Were You Thinking?
9. Graduation Day
10. Tell Me You Didn't Pay Money For This

Tour Edition - 150 w/ Screen Printed Covers (Out Of Press)
Normal Edition is Off-Set Printed in a Jewel Case