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Measure (sa), The - One Chapter In The Book CD KOD 023

The sophomore full length release from this innovative NJ quartet is actually a collection of the best songs from 7 different singles, split 7" records, and one unreleased song. The songs span their entire writing career. Re-mastered to achieve a cohesive feel, but not in chronological order, fans can finally listen to their favorite songs without flipping and changing records every 3 minutes.

This collection features:
-Union Pool 7" single on Idiot Box Records
-Old Crow 7" single on Los Diaper
-Split 7" with the Modern Machines on Salinas Records
-Split 7" with O Pioneers on Kiss of Death
-Split 7" with Off With Their Heads on Chunksaah
- Means to an End 7" single on Salinas Records.
- Historical Fiction 7" single on Kiss of Death/Team Science

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