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Anchor Arms / Madison Bloodbath - Split 7" KOD 042

Holy Crap, East Coast meets West Coast but this in not a rivalry like 2Pac and Biggie. This is in perfect harmony of two different bands. Anchor Arms, The band shows a lot of influences like West-coast punk, No Idea, and Tiltwheel, where Madison Bloodbath cites influences as “Leatherface, booze, chicks, Lookout Records.” Sounds perfect, right

Pressing Information

1st Pressing – 600 copies
320 Raspberry Swirl
122 Mauve Swirl
97 Maroonish Swirl
36 Gross Mix
21 Light Pinkish/White Swirl
4 raspberry/vanilla swirl

FEST 8 Pressings - 33 Colored Test Pressings