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No Power - No Axis SAR 013 / IBR 017.5

No Power features ex members of Grids (Luchbox/Inkblot/Made in Kansas), Meth Mtn (Self Aware/Lunchbox) and Obstruction (Lunchbox). Somewhere in that mixture of loud, fast, and noisy you have NO POWER.

If you are a fan of Japanese hardcore (Framtid, Bastard), early American hardcore (Siege, SSD), and d-beat (Discharge, Disclose) then you can't go wrong with this 7". Some of the loudest and most raw shit you will hear this year, I shit you not.

Vinyl is randomly mixed colored. Features a digital download card so you can rage to it in your shitty car your parents bought for you.
A1. New Answers
A2. No Axis
B1. Soundwave
B2. No A.C.