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Metroplex - Decade Diary 2xLP

The long overdue sophomore full-length effort from this Philly three-piece. 12 songs of post-hardcore and power rock that draws its influences from...

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Belvedere - S/T 2XLP

This record is 10 years in the making! Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the release of 'Twas Hell Said Former Child and the upcoming reunion...

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Belvedere - Fast Forward Eats The Tape LP

Finally! The wait is over! Belvedere's fourth and arguably their best full-length available for the first time ever on vinyl! This is a three l...


Prizzy Prizzy Please - S/T CD

Prizzy Prizzy Please sound like what Fugazi would have sounded like if Ian McKaye were backed by members of Prince’s Revolution and Parliament on d...

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Pink Razors - Scene Suicide CD

A brand new album from unapologetic Richmond pop punk believers PINK RAZORS. Eight no-holds-barred tracks of driving and melodic punk rock with an ...


Power Struggle - Arson At Petting Factory CD

From the SF Weekly: A big, juicy mess of a song: a baritone sax talks dirty to bald, hollow guitars, which duke it out over the tinny din of cymbal...


Prix The Pilot - Famous In 47 States CD

The third album from Pirx the Pilot. This is a whole new sound for the band, with fantastic production and a greater focus on vocals. Songs still r...


Pink Black - S/T CD

The band's sound incorporates elements from some of the more vibrant trends indie pop has produced over the last 20 years. Kind of lo-fi and ki...

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On The Might Of Princes - Where You Are And Where You Want To Be CD

deluxe reissue. this shit is dope. one member is now in FELLOW PROJECT"Where You Are & Where You Want to Be" is the best 48 minutes...


Now Sleepyhead - Nocturne CD

Exotic Fever Records is proud to announce the release of Now Sleepyhead s debut full length CD, Nocturne. This release is the result of an exciting...

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No Truth Lies - S/T CD

punk jams from the Tampa Bay Area.No Truth Lies by NO TRUTH LIES


My Big Beautiful - The Way Things Are CD

a highly, highly underrated release. One of the most ridiculously catchy pop punk records, well I guess least in my opinion! Super-catchy...

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Various Artists - Mutation Compilation CD or 10"

Comp featuring Garuda, The Minor Times, The Abandoned Hearts Club, Enkephalin, Sea Of Thousand, Tyranny Of Shaw and Ed Gein. CD version on Robotic ...

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Recover - S/T CD

fast hardcore from singapore?? not sure on this one


Red Room Cinema - S/T CD

FROM: Tampa, FLSun drenched Tampa, Florida’s Red Room Cinema has been constantly evolving since 2004. Founding members Anthony Maltese and Brian B...


Resin Hits - How To Cut A Rock CD

If you're into the whole indie/pop punk without whiny vocals then Resin Hits might be right up your alley. This isn't the catchiest band I&...


Respira - A Still Silhouette CD

streaming emo jams over here


Robert Sarazin Blake - The Air Your Lungs Forced Out CD

The Air Your Lungs Forced Out by Robert Sarazin Blake


Rollo Tomasi - Work Slows Crush Foes CD

One of the fucking BEST Underground Communique releases that didn't quite get the notice it deserved. Great post hardcore ala Helmet with bette...


Red Sparowes / Gregor Samsa - Split CD

RED SPAROWES return to Robotic Empire with another amazing record, this time being joined by GREGOR SAMSA for this split CD release. Richmond, VA&#...


Rcade Inferno - This Gent's A Scoundrel CD

this band has a dave who is also in Too Many Daves. nuff said.The first time I heard Rcade Inferno was at a house party where Jeff Ott played acou...

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The record is mid-tempo and filled with hooks. For fans of Discount and No Idea Records. It's all too tempting to compare this female-fronted p...


Kitty Little - Know No Shame CD

"After countless releases Kitty Little finally delivers their first full length record. Noticeably bigger, faster and rougher than their previ...


Laghetto - Pocapocalisse CD

Pocapocalisse by LAGHETTO

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Less Than Jake - Pezcore CD

ska punks!!!!!!!!! Fueled By Ramen 10 year edition.

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Less Than Jake - GNV FLA CD

blah blah blah you know.


Loaded For Bear / Bizarre X - Split CD

This record is a Roman holiday of powerviolence, grindcore and punk. Just take a listen to the mp3s. Songs are short and brutal, so i guess it soun...


Love Songs - Behind Enemy Lines In G# Minor CD

Craigums from WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? joins forces with members of YOUR MOTHER and THIS IS MY FIST to crank out 11 catchy, tight anthems documenting the...

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Madison Bloodbath - Gittin' Loose With CD

The debut full length release from Madison Bloodbath. This is the first full length for the band, but they have releases under their belt including...

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Sainte Catherines, The - The Soda Machine CD/DVD

The Soda Machine is a rarities & unreleased songs collection CD, plus a 90-minute documentary about the Montréal punk band The Sainte Catherine...