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Brendon Kelly & Joe Mcmahon - In Wasted Potential CD

Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms and Joe McMahon of Smoke or Fire have been cranking out punk hits for Fat Wreck Chords with their respective ban...


Brickfight - Harvester Of Nachos TAPE

All of Brickfight's "proper" releases in one convenient package with some amazing cover art. Comes with a download code so you can li...


Brickmower - My Hateable Face TAPE

Tape version of the 2nd full length from New Jersey's Brick Mower. 12 songs. Do you like Archers of Loaf? Do you live under a rock?My Hateable ...

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Bridge and Tunnel - S/T 7"

members of Fellow Project and stuff like that. tri state area punk.


Bright Calm Blue - Asymmetry Set LP

Urgent, defiant, semi-spoken vocals that go from a whisper to screamed and cracked and exhausted. The music twists and turns dynamically behind a t...


Bright Calm Blue - S/T 7"

Dark red vinyl. Released by Independence Day Records. Sweet emo/screamo from Nebraska. 4 tracks on this EP. Long out of print.


Broadcaster - Tightrope Walker 7"

Picking up where Joyride left off, Broadcaster enlisted the help of J. Robbins at Magpie Cage to record the three tracks on this seven inch/digital...

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Broadway Calls - Be All That You Can't Be 7"

Features "Be All You Can't Be" from the forthcoming full-length "Good Views, Bad News" (August 18). The flipside contains a...


Brokedowns, The - Let The Disappointment Begin CD

From Illinois, this band plays a tight melodic punk rock with a leftist political bend. Vocally, for the most part I’m not getting hooked, but than...

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Brokedowns, The - Species Bender CD

The Brokedowns are a humble and oft-dormant quartet from right outside Chicago that somehow stole the punk rock spotlight in the last year. They to...

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Brokedowns, The - These Colors Don't Run (The Musical) CD

Comparisons are easy to make. It's easy to say, "This band totally sounds like this other band!" It's the crutch of the reviewer....


Buckshot Facelift - Anchors of the Armless Gods LP

So, what can I say about the debut album from New York’s Buckshot Facelift? Well, for one, I love the fucking band name — descriptive and genre app...


Building the State - Faces in the Architecture 10"

Both indie and math rock can easily degenerate into dispassion on their own. Combining the two should increase that possibility exponentially, maki...

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Bury The Living - All The News That's Fit To Scream CD

Tough bare knuckle hardcore with tough intent, charging guitars lead speeding Blast Beats to heavy SXE-styled breakdowns and choruses while hoarse ...


Bust! - Fuck City CD

BUST!’s first full length. 10 songs. They are borderline obsessed with Scared of Chaka. They also like the Marked Men and getting hit in the nuts. ...


Byrds Of Paradise - Teenage Symphonies LP

Teenage Symphonies Lp features 10 tracks of druggy, scuzzy, stomping pop music from Brooklyn-based Byrds Of Paradise! Must be something in the wate...

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Calvinball - Live Fast, Go To Bed Early CD

Having a Calvin & Hobbes reference as a name might hint at not wanting to be taken seriously, but with tunes this big, that might be hard to av...


Canadian Rifle - Visibility Zero LP

Fuck yeah! The debut album by Canadian Rifle is finally here. If you've seen or heard this band before you probably know what to expect - drivi...


Cannabis Corpse - The Weeding e.p. LP

The wait is finally over! After an entire year of punishing their lungs with skull crushing bong hits CANNABIS CORPSE have returned with yet anothe...


Capital - Givers/Takers LP

The third album from Long Island, NY's CAPITAL. It's 12 songs of diverse, modern hardcore. Like the previous albums, the songs are all over...

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Capital - Homefront LP

Without a proper touring regimen, it seems like Capital will forever live in infamy as one of Long Island, New York's best-kept secrets in melo...


Capital - Signal Corps LP

The Eastern seaboard has continuously provided a hotbed of influences from which to harvest for punk rock bands from Long Island. Notably it's ...

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Capsule - No Ghost LP

No Ghost by Capsule


Cardinal Sin, The - Oil & Water CDEP

People say things get better with age. The Cardinal Sin is no exception to this rule. Formerly of Cadillac Blindside (Fueled By Ramen), Song of Zar...


Career Suicide - Cherry Beach Express 7"

A long time in the making, this 7? is the proper release of a UK/Northern Ireland tour-only single released by the band in 2008. Re-recorded versio...


Carnivores - German Flower 7"

Venus zine said of this band, "At times, Carnivores are nostalgic, reminiscent of garage bands of the 60s, but at other times, the grimy melod...


Caseracer - S/T 7"

Co-release with Kat Kat Records ( Black / 200 Purple Haze1. Trickle Down 2. I’m Uh Fixing a Divot 3. The Blind Are Courageous ...


Cass County Uglies, The - S/T CD

In 29 minutes, the Cass County Uglies doubled my interest in North Dakota. What I once only knew for giving me Chuck Klosterman can now boast a str...


Cassette - S/T CD

Self-Titled CD/Forthcoming LP BAKO-5, Released Summer 2005 Recorded by Rocky Bazemore at Mirror Image Studio. 1. Access to Me 2. The Tempest 3. Int...