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Your Mother ‎– The Weird Al-bum 10"

A1 Happy Birthday A2 Let Me Be Your Hog A3 Dare To Be Stupid B1 Fun Zone B2 I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead B3 Everything You Know Is Wrong


The Reaction ‎– We Have Nothing To Lose But Boredom 10"

Auto Collapse In D Minor CapsizedSoul Search 15 Picture Of Daisy On A Radar Scope Systematic Soul Destruction House On The Hill Who What Where Conf...


Good Men Die Like Dogs ‎– Good Men Die Like Dogs 10"

A1 Smo3 A2 War Pigs A3 Dreams Change A4 4321 B1 The Road B2 Unnecessary B3 Twinkles The Frimp B4 Westbound 10


Totally Slow ‎– Totally Slow LP

TracklistWasted Days Acid Rain Worst Case Highest Hill This Town Phone Brain Is On Fire Arena No Flowers Everything All The Way Up


The Magnificent - Bad Lucky LP

1981 Foreign Legion 1990 Working Men's Club (Part 3) Hold My Drink Up High BBQ & Grashoppers Longshot Buy More Crap Walk A Mile In My Jeans...


Muhammadali ‎–Muhammadali LP

A1 Someday A2 Opposition A3 Exploding Ego Drugs B1 Elephant B2 Gotta Be A Reason B3 You Don't Miss Me B4 Smilin' B5 Secret Track


Peer Precious ‎– Bless This Mess LP

A1 Modern Day Rambo A2 Keep Your Head Up A3 Sore Thumbs A4 Intergalactic Champ A5 Roomies A6 Learning B1 Q•Bert B2 Hidden Cam B3 Pointless B4 Prett...


God Equals Genocide / Dumbag Daryl & The GEG Bags ‎– Rattled Minds LP

God Equals Genocide Give It Up Front –God Equals Genocide Wasting Time –God Equals Genocide Stranger Dog –God Equals Genocide I Don't Wanna Wak...


Doldrums – Doldrums LP

A1 Retina Burnt Black A2 Rewired A3 This Is Your Sanity B4 All Too Familiar B5 Dethroned B6 Weak


Bobby Joe Ebola And The Children MacNuggits ‎– Trainwreck To Narnia LP

A1 After The Armadillo A2 Vanilla American A3 Blues Turn Brown A4 Cop Kisser A5 Biological Imperative A6 My Darling Boo B1 Baked Beans And Whiskey ...


Big Dick - Big Dick LP

TracklistValue Witchcraft Schoolyard Violence Coming Home Problems Colours Medics Antisocial Mayday Too Hot To Trot


Blast And The Detergents ‎– Brain Time Now LP

A1 Paranoid Future A2 Questions A3 New Florida A4 Free Me A5 Confusion, Oh No A6 Stuck A7 The Empire Never Ended A8 Macho Suck A9 Refrigerator A10 ...


Autonomy ‎– The Art Of Work In The Age Of Digital Reproduction LP

Post-Punk, PunkA1 Homostatis Stasis 2:30A2 Public Faith 2:54A3 Dumb Punk 0:39A4 Contemptus Mundi 3:43A5 Library Of Alexandria 3:14A6 No Need 3:54B1...

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Ben Weasel ‎– The Brain That Wouldn't Die CD

1 Making You Cry 2 Slogans 3 Guest List 4 Veronica Hates Me 5 Cool Kids 6 Cindy's On Methadone 7 Science Of Myth 8 What We Hate 9 Teenage Freak...

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Subsistance ‎– Time To Defy CD

1 Time To Defy2 Leaving Out The Truth3 Who Draws The Line4 Lost It All5 There's No Place Like Home6 Middle Class Youth


O Pioneers!!! / Saw Wheel ‎– Split CD

O Pioneers!!! 1 The Kodan Armada Always Win 2 I Don't Believe You (You Know I Don't Speak Spanish) 3 If I'm Not Mistaken, Diversity Was...


Mid Carson July - Ten Years On Autopilot CD

Tracklist1 The Truth About Liars 2 Something About Small Talk 3 No Place I'd Rather Be 4 Dime Store Girl 5 Three Minutes In Logan 6 Sco...


Mexican Cheerleader - Kings and Kings' Hoots CD

Chicago's Punk-Classic Rock Kings are back with 12 awesome songs to rock your face off. Tracklist1 Sick List 2 Chickyn 3 Curry And Coffe...


Jonesin! - Is Dead 7" Songs CD

Songs 1 and 2 from: Shang-A-Lang / Jonesin' Split 7" (Dead Broke/Dirt Cult) Songs 3 and 4 from: Jonesin' / Dude Jams Split 7” (Dirt Cu...



3 shirts. $7 Dollars. Lets get a little less weird than we did with the 5 shirt package.(all shirts are randomized)


Sport "Bon Voyage" LP

Listen Here:


Sport "Colors" LP

Listen here:

$7.00 - $10.00

Tiny Empires "Weird Headspace" LP / CD

Tiny Empires’ Weird Headspace exists at the peak of sheer volume and progressive melodies. Recorded at Black Bear Studio in Gainesville, Florida, t...


Old Flings / The Fake Boys - Split 7"

Two of my favorite bands, one slab o wax.Old Flings / The Fake Boys split 7" by Old Flings / The Fake Boys

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The Slow Death - No Heaven LP/CD

brand new 12" ep!!!No Heaven by THE SLOW DEATH


Flamingo 50 - Tear It Up LP

Do you like the band Caves? well Lou was/is in this band as well. you def need to nab this.

$8.00 - $12.00

Caves - Betterment LP/CD

Betterment by Caves


Resolutions - S/T 7"

Hannover Germany PunkPlaying Shows, Releasing Records, Driving PlacesFür Fans von Iron Chic, Off With Their Heads, und Dillinger Four, sehr gute!Re...