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Young Livers - Of Misery and Toil LP or CD

brand new full length from one of our favorite Gainesville, Fl bands. this is a ripper. don't sleep on getting this.

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Young Livers - The New Drop Era

Gainesville's finest tendons have parted and the blueberry rain falls like... uh... RAIN!! YOUNG LIVERS features folks from GLASS & ASHES, ...


Young Livers / Army Of Ponch - Live At The Atlantic 7"

Limited, colored vinyl 7" featuring Young Livers and Army of Ponch. Two Live songs from each band recorded live at the Atlantic in Downtown Ga...


Young Livers / Attack Vipers - Split 7"

Two tracks from Attack! Vipers! and one from Young Livers make this a beautiful union bridging the gap between countries!!


Young Livers / Bridge And Tunnel - Split 7"

After both of these bands released excellent debut albums, the prospect of a split seemed ideal. Though their styles are rather antithetical (as ev...


Young Offenders - Sister Series 7"

At first glance, the Young Offenders can easily be mistaken for a pack of reckless sods who seem hell-bent on nothing more than beer and a close sh...


Young, Gina - She's So Androgynous CD

Although she has virtually no formal musical training, gina’s immediate family includes an opera singer, a composer, a philharmonic percussionist, ...


Your Mother ‎– The Weird Al-bum 10"

A1 Happy Birthday A2 Let Me Be Your Hog A3 Dare To Be Stupid B1 Fun Zone B2 I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead B3 Everything You Know Is Wrong

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Your Pest Band / Eine Kleine Chinmuzik - Split 7"

More awesome punk from Snuff Smiles Records out of Japan.


Your Pest Band / Holy Shit! - Split 7"

Another great split fro You Pest Band. get this!


Your Pest Band / The Centerhits - Split 7"

Wow. Sample Centerhits lyrics: “Shave his stubbles! Waiting? While I get calcium so fast!” The Centerhits are kinda reminiscent of mid-period Moder...


Your Pest Band / The Miscats - Split 7"

more awesomeness from Japan! YPB have now toured the USA twice!!


Youth Of Strength/XonewayX - Split LP

a UK Import split LP! there's like 35 songs on the LP and it comes with a CD that has like 60 songs it(all the LP songs + both bands demos) thi...