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Anchor, The / In The Red - Split 7" KOD 049

Mike Hale of Gunmoll fame is back again with more of his new outfit In the Red. This stuff goes to show that you can take the man out of Gainesville, but you can't take the Gainesville out of the man. Fans of the bands earlier work will be pleased to hear that Mike has lost none of his trademark growl on this stuff that falls somewhere between Leatherface and Hot Water Music. The Anchor brings along a track of gruff punk featuring bouncing bass-lines and hoarsely shouted vocals to their side of the split. I'd imagine that if Jersey's Best Dancers and Forever and Counting had a baby, it would look a lot like The Anchor.

Pressing Information

1st pressing - 500 +/- 7 inches
175 coffee (40 w/tour cover)
128 fleshy mix
69 tan swirl
63 dirty orange
29 dirty pink
19 bright orange
8 pink
6 orange w/pink
3 pink w/orange