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Unwelcome Guests / Annie Saunders - Split 7"

Annie Saunders from This is My Fist and The Unwelcome Guests decided to do a split 7" with each other after their week excursion together last...

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Unwelcome Guests / Orphan Choir - Split 7"

Unwelcome Guests provide two contrasting expressions on Side A, which you can tell from the song titles: "I Wanna Be Inspired" and "...


Unwelcome Guests / Saint Sweetheart - Split 7"

UG kick it off with "Diddle" and "Waiting." Vocalist/guitarist Micah Winship's got a great restraint and clarity about his ...


Unwelcome Guests / The 255s - Split 7"

New York Vs. Old York is this Split 7" mash up!!! Unwelcome Guests are back to follow up their "Don't Go Swimming" LP with 2 ne...


Used Kids - Hovercraft 7"

Danny and Nato (Modern Machines) with Mikey Ergs! and Kate fromCheeky!


Utarid / Am I Dead Yet / Mock Heroic / A Fine Boat That Coffin - Split LP

4x total screamo madness .. utarid are from malaysia and open the reign on this lp with 3 awesome chaotic and emotive track that reminds to reversa...


V/A - Dangerous Intersections II w/ Basement Black / Dead Mechanical / Pretty Boy Thorson / The Measure (sa) 7"

Released on February 22, 2009, Lauren Measure supplied the cover here, which has really grown on me, I’d hang this thing up on my mantle now….if I ...


V/A - Dangerous Intersections III w/Todd Congelliere / Dopamines / Apocalypse Meow / Closet Fairies 7" or CDep

Released on May 13, 2009, cover art that reminds me of a pretty awesome flyer for some reason by Gord Lafler. Volume three, The Closet Fairies, thi...


V/A - Dangerous Intersections IV w/ Strait A's / Like Bats / Rumspringer / Barrakuda McMurder 7"

Released on May 22, 2009, Stewart Breaks brings my personal favorite fucking cover art of the Dangerous Intersections series. 320 black, 175 sky bl...


V/A - Dangerous Intersections V w/Troublemake / Legendary San Diego Chargers / Shang-A-Lang / Andrew Jackson Jihad 7"

Released on August 26, 2009, I’m still on the fence as far as this cover goes done by Brett Wensel. 330 black, 167 mineral water, 60 brown trash.Pr...


V/A - Dangerous Intersections VI w/No High Fives To Bullshit / Manix / Humanoids / Taxpayers 7"

The sixth installment in the series! From Colorado comes No High Fives to Bullshit with some of the sludgiest, heaviest, most fucked up pop punk ev...

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V/A - This Was Supposed To Be A Celebration LP or CD

Comp features:-matt and kim*-japanther*-canadian rifle*-punkin pie*-rager*-king tuff*-the bananas*-lone wolf and cub*-parts and labor*-pterodactyl*...

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V/A : No Idea Records & Fueled By Ramen - COMP CD

1. The Impossibles-Oxygen~~~2. Small Brown Bike-Hideaway~~~3. Recover-Pardon the Wait~~~4. Gunmoll-Green~~~5. Jersey-All Rise~~~6. The Tone-Bullshi...


V/A The Bastards Can't Dance - A Tribute To Leatherface CD

As a member of the USFC, it’s no secret that I love Leatherface. Broken heart? Things not right in the world? Completely happy and surrounded by fr...

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V/A: Don't Fall Asleep A MPLS DIY Comp For Daybreak Newspaper CD

The Daybreak Collective of Minneapolis has been irregularly publishing a refreshingly defiant anarchists newspaper since 2001 and has been a mainst...


V/A: Rocky Vs. Rambo Comp 7" w/Snakepit, Hateful Monday, Weot Skam, Everybody's Enemy



Vacation - Dream Dad 7"

You can throw three dudes in front of a camera and make them smile for a band picture, but true chemistry is completely impossible to fake, and it&...


Vacation - The Do Shit Disc Cdep

Vacation plays high-energy/lo-fidelity punk with a perfect balance of blown-out noise and memorable hooks. They have a song on Dangerous Intersecti...

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Vacation Bible School - Unlucky CD

If Vacation Bible School was actually Punk Rock Camp and these three dudes ran a workshop called “Pop-Punk, Nihilism and You,” and spent as much ti...


Vacation Bible School / The God Damn Doo Wop Band - Covered - Split 7"

Blistering punk rock from Chicago's vastly underrated Vacation Bible School, bittersweet doo wop gems from Minneapolis' The God Damn Doo Wo...

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Vaginasore Jr. - S/T CD

Tampa punx ex- Clairmel and a Dave from Too Many DavesVaginasore Jr by VAGINASORE JR

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Vaginasore Jr. - This Here Peninsula LP or CD

From the underside of America’s drooping wang comes a band that’s not as dumb as the name may suggest. Their songs are about the overwhelming beaut...


Various Artists - A Ray Of Hope: Benefit For Japan Comp CD (Iron Chic, Wax Phantom, Rivethead, Dan Padilla + MORE!)

Benefit Comp. on Eager Beaver Records for Japanese tsunami relief!:Mall'd to Death The Wild *Madison Bloodbath *Rivethead Dear Landlord Caves ...


Various Artists - Black On Black: A Tribute To Black Flag LP


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Various Artists - Let's Do It For Lance! J Church Tribute CD

A co-operative release from five labels. All proceeds go to help defray Lance Hahn's mounting medical bills for his kidney & heart problems...

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Various Artists - Mutation Compilation CD or 10"

Comp featuring Garuda, The Minor Times, The Abandoned Hearts Club, Enkephalin, Sea Of Thousand, Tyranny Of Shaw and Ed Gein. CD version on Robotic ...


Various Artists - The World I Know: A Tribute To Pegboy CD

24 song tribute CD to Chicago's own Pegboy! all exclusive songs! Mostly Chicago bands, but also includes a few New York/New Jersey-ites and a b...


Various Artists - To Live And Die In Tampa Bay CD

Featuring: Clairmel, The Tim Version, The Dukes Of Hillsborough, Super Power Abuse, Arcade Inferno, Flat Stanley, The Rogue Set, Vaginsore Jr, Ches...


Various Artists - Untitled 21: A Juvenile Tribute To Swingin' Utters CD

Swingin’ Utters had been a band for just over 21 years when we first began putting this tribute together for the beloved streetpunk heroes. Before ...


Various ‎– Dangerous Intersections VII - Transgressions Billy Raygun Vacation New Creases

A1 –The Transgressions 17A2 –Billy Raygun FlashlightB1 –Vacation Heterosexual LionB2 –New Creases No Spark